Mar 31 2011

A former sponsored child in El Salvador looks back

Juan Carlos was sponsored through CFCA’s Santa Ana, El Salvador, office for 10 years, from 8 to 18. He is now 28 and lives outside Santa Ana with his wife and their 2-year-old son. Juan Carlos works in the maintenance department of a local hospital. Nimia works at a textile factory.

What did you like most when you were sponsored?

The birthday celebrations. My parents could not afford to celebrate, so these parties were nice. We used to get food, ice cream and gifts.

That was the best part because we used to get toys, and as with any child, toys were my favorite.

Juan Carlos and family

From left are Juan Carlos, Diego Alexander and Nimia.

We were very poor, but I remember how happy my parents were when we received food provisions, especially milk, because that was good for us.

CFCA was a blessing for the entire family, not only for me as a sponsored child.

What did CFCA do for you personally?

CFCA sponsorship gave me happiness. The possibility to have so many happy moments in my life helped me very much.

I did receive lots of help to be the person I am now. We had a wholesome support in the material, spiritual, educational and healthy aspects of my life.

This is helping me with my own family now because I can provide for them what I lacked before.

Do you think about your sponsors even now?

I often do. They were a nice couple and had three children: two boys and a little girl.

Unfortunately I never met them personally but they always sent me letters and pictures and always encouraged me, asked me questions and always replied to my questions.

The pictures they sent were nice because I could see their children grow and the beautiful landscapes they included. I particularly remember one that they sent with some beautiful mountains with snow on the top. We don’t see that here.

If you could meet your sponsors personally, what would you tell them now?

First of all, that I am so happy to see them in person. I would deeply thank them for everything they did for me.

They supported me for over 10 years and their contribution not only helped me, but it helped my entire family. I would express how grateful my family and I are for what they did for us.

Tell us about your life today.

I am 28 and married. My wife and I are raising our son, Diego Alexander.

I work in the maintenance department of a local hospital, and my wife works for a textile company. I tell my wife about my life in CFCA and how much it means to me.

We both want the best for our child and are putting into practice the values I grew up with while being sponsored.

Is there any special story that you might want to share with us?

Two. The first is that I liked the birthday celebrations so much that I always pushed my mother to arrive as early as possible to the party place. We were always the first ones there.

The other story is how much I liked receiving special gifts from my sponsors. Every time they sent me something, I was happy because I would always ask CFCA to buy me new clothes and shoes. That was a real treat for me.

Editor’s note: Juan Carlos’ sponsors did not send him special gifts through the mail. Juan’s former sponsor, Sharon Germain, from Boise, Idaho, said she and her husband ìgave extra money for the Christmas and birthday funds.î

Sponsored children are told the gifts they receive during these celebrations are from their sponsors.

You can donate to the Christmas and birthday funds on our website.

This is the final article in our series about the 25th anniversary of CFCA’s service in El Salvador. Other articles:

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  1. My husband and I are currently sponsoring two Guatemalan children. We had another, our first, that exited the program at 15 to get a job. I cried for days and still have his latest picture and the thank you letter from his mother. I can’t express in words how much of a bond one forms with these children. The small, affordable contribution means so much in their lives.

  2. I love these stories. They are inspiring to current sponsors and potential new sponsors. It confirms that this ministry is not just about charity. It is social justice in action. Through connecting and having the relationship and participating in CFCA programs the world is changing. Poverty is no longer an overwhelming statistic. We can win the fight with God – One by One!

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