Feb 21 2011

Topics you would like us to discuss on our blog

Yuri from Colombia

Yuri, little sister to two children sponsored through CFCA’s Hope for a Family program in Colombia.

We’re grateful for the appreciation and support we regularly receive from our blog audience.

Now it’s your turn to “drive” this conversation, so to speak!

What topics would you like us to cover during the rest of 2011? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hello dear friends at CFCA,

    We have been supporters of CFCA for almost 20 years and in that time the Lord has lead us, among other things, to assist, fundraise and to inspire others to build homes in Costa Rica through our formerly named Matthew 5:5 Project. With the cooperation of CFCAÖhomes have been built in Los Chiles, Bagaces, Sabinilla and the latest one to be built in Limon. With Godís grace and the intervention of CFCA, last July CFCA has agreed to continue building homes under the Costa Rican Housing Fund. We are most grateful to God and to CFCA that this project is alive and continuing to grow.

    We retired from our jobs and moved to Costa Rica to assist CFCA in any way we could and to continue to do other charitable works while we remain here. We have seen the poverty first hand and have visited the sites where CFCA is active. We have also seen other needs, not in lieu of but in addition to the sponsorship program . At this time we would like to suggest to CFCA an annual or semi annual ìdriveî to ask sponsors (or others) to consider a ìtable of plentyî and/or a ìsleep in heavenly peaceî project. We have mentioned this before to Kansas City and would like to do so again.

    Agreed, sponsorship is primary and takes care of basic needs but we thought that all children and elderly should have a bed (in the past we have purchased for sponsored people in Los Chiles camping type cots that are made of nylon and they foldÖtaking up very little space) and a pillow. One little girl who received a bed last year told us it was her 10th birthday and the first bed she ever had. And then a table and chairs for family meals and homework, neighborhood meetings. We believe that these too are basic needs and that the benefits derived from these two items would immensely impact the recipients lives and perhaps would be evident in students grades and ultimately their futures.

    We know that you must get many requests for different things and I am sure that they too are worthy of consideration. We too would like to see CFCA grow not only in sponsorship but in other areas as well. We would be interested in CFCA addressing the above topics as well.

    As always thank you for your time and we are looking forward to hearing your from you.

    Steven and Theresa Howard
    Alajuela Costa Rica

  2. Love reading this blog. It helps keep us connected with what is happening and give us stories to share with others when they are thinking about sponsoring.
    Here are the types of posts that I really like:

    Any topics that share experiences from Mission awareness trips. It makes us feel connected. We get to see photos of the projects and staff and the countries

    Any topics from the projects of the things they do there. What life is like there for the sponsored individuals. What they celebrate, what are challenges, customs, what some of their worship/mass services are like.

    Any special interest stories about our sponsored individuals and how they are changing their lives and communities.

    I also like the post about the fair trade coffee and how it also helped some of our sponsored families. We sell that coffe at our church at times and now we can put an extra story to it.

    I don’t think I have given you any new ideas because these are all of the things you are doing already! Keep up the great job!


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