Feb 2 2011

Dowry abuse ñ too high a price

Imagine that you are a woman in India engaged to be married. Your family has limited financial resources and can’t pay the full dowry to your fiancÈ.

Dowry abuse in India This is embarrassing to you, but things are about to get much worse.

After the marriage, you discover that your new husband is abusive, especially when he is drunk. He beats you, sometimes publicly, demanding that your family pay the full dowry.

What can you do?

The practice of dowry abuse ñ extorting money from the brideís family through a dowry ñ continues in India today. It’s often done in secret because dowry abuse is prohibited by law.

Read more about how CFCA is helping empower women through education and other means to cope with dowry abuse.

0 thoughts on “Dowry abuse ñ too high a price”

    1. Donna, we appreciate your concern. Dowry practice is prohibited by law in India, and CFCA does not encourage it. We provide ways to ease the financial burdens and any dowry pressures that families face through sponsorship and education.

      Education especially helps empower young women in India because a) it gives them self-confidence and b) it enables them to live without depending on others to provide financial support. As the story explains, the results are very encouraging when girls avoid early marriages and receive encouragement from their parents to remain in school.

      This is a complex issue, and there are no easy answers. But one of the best ways to encourage your sponsored friend is through writing personal letters. That, as well as the education provided through sponsorship, is already a great support to her and her family.


      Shanxi Omoniyi,
      CFCA web editor and writer

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