Feb 3 2011

Congratulations to our CFCA caption contest winner…

CFCA caption contest
We’d like to thank everyone who submitted a caption entry in our contest.

Many submissions, particularly those about safety vests, made us laugh, smile or giggle at our office desks, probably to the surprise of anyone passing by!

All of these were handpicked by our talented panel of judges (a.k.a. CFCA employees), who heard the caption only when they were judging and not the author’s name.

Everyone agreed that the contest was difficult, and the winner beat the frontrunner by only two votes.

Honorable mentions:

  1. “You might want to hoof it or youíll be late for your flight” ñ Catherine Kellerman
  2. “If he follows us home can we keep him?” ñ Barb Kellerman

And the one that won, based on the most votes:

(drum roll please)

“Come on down to PABLOíS USED BURROS and pick out your next ride! Special offer this Sunday, all certified used burros receive a 10 point safety check and a nose to tail 30km or 30hr warranty. (Taxes and delivery extra, hats and safety vests not included in this offer).” ñ Ken

As winner of the caption contest, Ken will receive a beaded Walk2gether bracelet and appreciation from the general CFCA community.

For any of you wondering what the story behind this caption really is, here’s Paul Pearce, CFCA director of international programs, pictured right of the donkey:

“I think at the 20-kilometer mark (of Walk2gether), we always received fruit during our rest break of about 15 minutes.

“Kris (Paul’s wife, pictured left) saw these three donkeys about 200 yards down a small dirt road and wanted to go say hi.†Two kept a distance, but the one in the photo walked right up to her and really enjoyed being petted.

“Kris is a complete animal lover and the many donkeys, llamas, alpacas and woolly Peruvian dogs can all tell as she made lots of friends along the way. Ö I believe the fruit (pictured with Paul) is an orange, mango and peach.”

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