Jan 31 2011

Wisdom of the Ages: Truphena, 78, from Kenya

Here is an interview that Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison in Kenya, conducted with Truphena, 78. Truphena is in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program in Kenya.

What is your secret for long life?

Growing up in the village I had the chance to eat healthy foods, nothing artificial, only fresh food from the farm and fresh fish from the lake. This has greatly contributed to my long life.

Truphena from Kenya

Truphena, sponsored through CFCA’s Hope for a Family program in Kenya.

What advice do you have for young people?

I would urge young people to be content with what they can afford. Desiring what is not within their reach can lead them along the wrong path. The youth should also learn that hard work is the only way to achieve what you desire. Listening to the advice given to them by the aging is also very important, if they want to succeed.

What is the most important thing that your mother taught you?

My mother emphasized respect. She told me that to live a fruitful life, one must respect everybody that they come across.

Whatís your favorite food?

I enjoy eating fresh fish from the lake and ugali (a mixture of water and maize flour).

What do you like most about CFCA?

CFCA has supported me by giving me nutritional benefits. I am an old woman and am not able to work and get money to buy food. I am grateful to CFCA because I never go hungry. When I am sick, CFCA helps me get the treatment that I require. The people in CFCA have become part of my family; they talk with me and listen to me, and I feel much appreciated.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?

I would like to visit Mombasa (coastal province of Kenya). My wish is to walk on the beach and enjoy the warm climate.

Tell us something special or unique about you.

My hobby is weaving using sisal (fiber from an agave plant, used for ropes and rugs). I find it interesting and enjoyable. It keeps me busy.

Whatís one thing that has changed from when you were young to the present day?

During our days, we used to listen and respect our elders. That has since changed.

What is one thing that has remained the same?

As a Luo, I can say that people from my community have upheld the customs and tradition that were there before.

Could you give us a little more background about your life?

I was married at 15 to a polygamous man. I was the fifth wife. My husband was much older than me, and I bore him three children before his death. I was inherited by his kinsman, and I bore three more children. God blessed me with six children from the two marriages. Four of my children have already passed on. I am a grandmother to 10 grandchildren.

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