Jan 24 2011

Sponsor describes ‘God story’ behind latest sponsorship

We recently offered readers an opportunity to receive a free 2011 desk calendar if they blogged about us or entered our daily comment drawing by posting a blog comment. That opportunity is now closed, but we received many wonderful responses. This blog submission from Cheri Duchrow particularly moved us.

I started sponsoring children in 2003. I thought it was a good thing to help someone else and it would be good for my daughter.

Cheri Duchrow

Cheri Duchrow

Little did I know how these children would move the Holy Spirit in me. For almost two years, I had good intentions of writing but somehow did not make room in my schedule to do so.

Slowly but surely the Lord kept calling me to grow in relationship with Him and His people.

I heard speakers reflect on Exodus 16 where the Lord provides manna for His people and we are to only gather what we need. God honors radical risk-taking acts of faith evident in many biblical stories.

He led me to speak about child sponsorship, advocate letter writing and honor the relationships He had given me through these individuals, my extended family members.

I have witnessed many God moments at a sponsorship table. My latest child sponsorship has its own God story.


Joshiammal, Cheri’s sponsored child


Florence, Cheri’s sponsored child in Mathare

I had read about others’ experiences in many countries where people make a living in city dumps and live in the slums. These break into the silence of my soul, and I cannot shut out the images.

One trip focused on Kenya and the Mathare slums. Even though I sponsored several individuals, I thought surely I could press myself and sponsor one more. When I called there weren’t any individuals available there.

Though I thought about Mathare on occasion, I let it slip into the background and the business of life took over.

Several months later I received one of CFCA’s informative magazines outlining several success stories. One talked about a program for the children in the Mathare area.

This was God shouting through the darkness, reminding me of the work He needed to do through me. I made a note to call CFCA to check into sponsoring there.

Another week went by. On a Sunday night I went to CFCA’s website, which had started to put pictures of the individuals needing to be sponsored.

I thought I would see whether any individuals from Kenya lived near Mathare. I thought maybe a girl or boy about 9 or 10 would be nice.

Then there was her photo. It wasn’t the photo that caught my eye but her name – Florence.

That was my Mom’s name. She passed away in 2006. I did not know if this precious Florence was from Mathare.

By now I knew the Lord was calling and could delay no longer. I called CFCA the next day and asked if they had any individuals available to sponsor from the Mathare Kenyan project. The answer was yes.

Dare I ask about Florence? I almost hung up without asking, but I did. The person helping me could check the website and let me know where she was from.

You guessed it. In all of Kenya yes, she lived in Mathare!

If that wasn’t convincing enough, after her first letter it is apparent that she has the same loving and giving soul as my mother.

At only 9 she dreams of being a doctor and helping others like all those who have helped her.

I have met some of the children I currently sponsor. I am joyfully waiting on the Lord for what He holds for me this September as I continue this faith journey by going to Kenya with CFCA and meet this incredible friend God has given me.

7 thoughts on “Sponsor describes ‘God story’ behind latest sponsorship”

  1. Luis Trundle (Honduras, Central America)

    Cheri, wasn¥t that amazing? May God lead your way, fill your heart abundantly and may others see Christ thru your service and ministry. Thanks for leaving a legacy of love! Thanks for making an impact on people¥s lives as you did in mine.


  2. I just recently sponsored a little girl named Ann, I am praying for my little girl, so eagerly awaiting her picture in the mail. I also sponsor 5 children through World Vision, four from Ghana, two are girls, two are boys, and a girl from Central America, now I’m excited to be welcoming Ann into my little extended family! I found Ann on my facebook page, and fell in love with her sweet little smile and face, and knew I had to make room for her. I’m praying my next project will be one of the elderly on this website ;) I can’t save the world but I can help out my best one sponsorship at a time, I really don’t put a dent in poverty but I can make a difference in their life…

    While walking on the beach one day, I saw a Starfish by the shore. And everywhere I looked it seemed, I saw a thousand more. Then what to my surprise appeared? A boy of nine or ten. And as the Starfish washed ashore, he threw them back again.

    ìOne fish wonít make a difference son; You canít change this situation.î He stooped and picked up one more fish, then looking right at me, ìI can make a difference for this one, sirî and returned it to the sea.

    So I went and gathered all my friends, my brothers and my cousins. We joined in with that little boy and saved Starfish by the dozens.î There are still many to be rescued ñ many ìStarfishî on lifeís shore. And you can make a difference tooÖby saving just one more.î

    Author Unknown

    Thank you for allowing me to help one starfish at a time, Linda Collins

  3. Cheri, thank you for your heart warming account of sponsorship. God has given us a flower garden of children. First was Rosa, then Daysi for 10 years. Now we sponsor Camilla, Dalia and.. William.

    1. Margaret…did you pick up another friend from your MAT to Bolivia, (William)? Going on a MAT is always a life altering event; both for the sponsor and the sponsored. God bless you. I cant wait until I can go on a future MAT with you again.

  4. Margaret and Dorothy
    Thanks for the comments. One of my favorite things is to hear the stories that sponsors have to tell. I have often see God randomly present a sponsor with their friend through a birthdate and one time even the due date of a child yet to be born. The amazing part of that story was that just the day before the doctor had changed their due date and the next day they were randomly (God randomly) handed a packet with the new due date! Thank you for sharing in this ministry!

  5. Cheri – Your story reminded me of my own first experience with sponsorship. A priest representing CFCA spoke at our church and brought photos of children waiting for sponsors. I wanted someone in a Spanish speaking country because I could read and write in Spanish. And there was this beautiful little 4 year-old Guatemalan girl whose birthday was the day after mine! I sponsored Consuelo until she left the program at the age of 15. That was almost 7 years ago, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and pray for her. I have been sponsoring another Guatemalan girl, Angelica, ever since.

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