Jan 18 2011

Meta’s mission awareness trip to Bolivia

Here are comments from the evaluation form that one of our sponsors, Meta, sent us after a recent mission awareness trip to Bolivia.

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Did you find that the orientation and information provided by CFCA project staff during the trip adequately described the host country and CFCA’s work there?

Yes. My favorite part was Cochabama ñ that is where I really saw how CFCA works with the people there.

Would you recommend a CFCA mission awareness trip to others?


Why or why not?

To appreciate the country and culture. I suggest to anyone who has or is planning on sponsoring a child, adult, teenager to go on these trips. I really understood how CFCA works.

Please describe your impressions of the trip and how the trip affected you personally.

I am still affected ñ which is good!! I took over 500 pictures and posted about 50 on Facebook … My impression of this trip was awesome. It was a humbling experience. CFCA taught/teaching how to survive, how to succeed. They appreciate it so much with their huge smiles and pride.

CFCA did not give them a fish to eat for one day ñ CFCA taught them how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime!!

Note: To see captions to Meta’s pictures displayed in the slideshow above, check out our Facebook album.

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