Jan 7 2011

How do I know when to pay my sponsorship since I donít get a bill?

Ask Sponsor ServicesQ. How do I know when to pay my sponsorship since I donít get a bill?

A. CFCA does not mail a standard monthly statement. We send a receipt or a reminder notice.

CFCA mails you a receipt for your contribution. This receipt indicates the amount that was received and the due date for your next sponsorship donation. At the bottom of the receipt is a tear-off remittance form that you can use to mail in with your next contribution. For your convenience, a return envelope is provided.

If you happen to miss your sponsorship due date, we will mail you a reminder. Sponsors who contribute for multiple months also receive reminders as a courtesy prior to their due dates. The reminder includes the same tear-off remittance form to include with your next contribution.

We also have an Automatic Payment Plan, where the money is automatically taken out of the bank account or credit card you want to use. It is safe, secure and reduces our costs.

Please feel free to call Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time, if you have any questions about your sponsorship.

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