Jan 22 2011

Final submissions for free CFCA desk calendars

Thanks to all who submitted comments to our CFCA blog and won a calendar. That opportunity is now closed, but we very much appreciate all your support. Here are a few responses from the people who submitted comments for us this week.

First comment:

Esther Rogers writes: “I first sponsored a child through CFCA 10 years ago. Since then I have sponsored 4 more young people all in the same country. I chose this country because I started going there on dental mission trips before I had ever heard of CFCA. The children that were treated in the clinic were children of that area sponsored through CFCA.

“I was disappointed when the first child I sponsored moved out of the area and I was no longer able to sponsor her. But since that time and the opportunity to sponsor and meet new children I feel it is a special privilege each time I am connected with a new child. I thank God for the privilege of sponsoring each child and what they and their families have taught me about living life to the fullest no matter their economic circumstances.

“In each family I have seen the dedication to the lives of their children and the struggles that they strive to overcome to give their children a better life.

“CFCA has been a great blessing to me. I have made great friendships with the people who have traveled on the MAT trips. CFCA has given me volunteer opportunities in my own community. I strongly recommend CFCA sponsorship. I feel that I get back much more than I have ever invested.

“One of the youth that I sponsor is making great daily sacrifices of time and travel in hopes of gaining a college education in order to be able to help other children in her country.”

Second comment:

Arianna Dabu writes: “I love to read stories from the Walk2gether program!! I aspire to do things for others just as Bob has.

“I have been a sponsor of my dearest Avrien for over a year now, and I really enjoy it! My face and spirits light up when I receive mail from CFCA, and my child. I love to know that I am doing something great for someone in need, and I loved receiving a Christmas card from him!

“I am looking forward to making a trip to the Philippines later this year, or early next year, if at all possible. I would love to see the beauty of my father’s home country, and to see what I have been doing to help my boy :). Many blessings to all of us who participate in such a wonderful organization!”

Third comment:

Elizabeth Williams writes: “Sponsoring has been a gift to me in so many ways. The other day without realizing it I mention Ada as my granddaughter to a friend.

” ‘I didn’t know that you had a granddaughter named Ada; whose daughter is she?’ she asked.

You don’t have to ever meet a child to love them; letters, cards and pictures bring another member into the family. My son brings in the mail and tells me here is a letter from your little girl. God bless you CFCA members, we are FAMILY.”

Fourth comment:

Don and Dolores Etzel write: “We have been sponsoring a young girl in Cuernavaca, Mexico, for several years. She is doing well in her schooling and is anxious to tell us about her accomplishments when she writes.

“We feel the sponsorship has been valuable in motivating her and recognizing her talents. She seems proud to have someone caring about her and wanting her to succeed.

“Her letters are very appreciative and make us feel loved too. She always asks about our grandchildren and our health. We especially love how she says she prays for us every day!

“Our hope is to take the tour to Cuernavaca, perhaps for her graduation.”‘

Note: We may not be giving away free desk calendars, but we are giving away a free Walk2gether bracelet to the winner of our caption contest! Feel free to enter by submitting a comment.

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