Jan 20 2011

CFCA caption contest: Donkeys and deserts

Update: We have finished judging on this caption contest and have announced the winner. Thanks to all who participated.

Frigid temperatures, Walk2gether in the Andes, beautiful landscapes and ambling donkeys Ö they can only mean one thing.

CFCA caption contest

A CFCA caption contest!

How would you describe the action going on in this picture? Share with us your clever caption by adding a comment below.

(Here’s a refresher on our guidelines ñ we don’t accept offensive or inappropriate comments, profane or abusive language.)

A team of qualified panelists (a.k.a. CFCA employees) will pick the winning caption in early†February. The winner will receive a prize of a Walk2gether bracelet as well as recognition from the general CFCA community.

Enjoy, and feel free to pass this on to your friends!

0 thoughts on “CFCA caption contest: Donkeys and deserts”

  1. Yeah, yeah…see the two of them smiling…not me…they get to go to CHILE and I get to stay here….I am not happy!

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  3. In the interest of full disclosure, this is from “Winnie the Pooh,” but the donkey made me think of Eeyore, and this just fit:
    Donkey: Could you ask your friend to do her exercises somewhere else? I shall be having lunch directly, and don’t want it bounced on just before I begin. A trifling matter, and fussy of me, but we all have our little ways.

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