Dec 29 2010

We’ve reached the 1-year anniversary of Walk2gether

Walk2gether officially turns 1 year old today!

The trip by our CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen through 12 countries is about love ñ to show families living in poverty that they are not alone.

It’s also to raise awareness about the dire living conditions faced by these families, who often earn less than $2 per day.

Walk2gether in the Peruvian desert

A picture of the Walk2gether team as it passed through the desert in Peru.

Bob wants to highlight the tremendous potential of the families, who struggle heroically to provide for their children.

Bobís day begins around 2:30 a.m., when he wakes up in an old Toyota camper. Like many of us, he enjoys a hardy breakfast and kisses his spouse before hitting the road.

His wife, Cristina, travels with him and often walks with him to encourage him and others who join the walk.

Bob covers an average of 20 to 25 miles daily through vast terrains ó from beautiful farmland and mountains to treacherous highways and deserts.

Yet Bob still finds the time and energy to meet some of the 182,000 families CFCA serves in the countries he walks through.

ìIím grateful to people living in poverty for all that they have taught me about life and unconditional love, even under the toughest of circumstances,î Bob said. ìI enjoy the time we get to spend together because they give me the energy to keep going.î

Walk2gether is now in Peru. The team expects to enter Bolivia on Jan. 16, 2011.

Read CFCA’s news report on celebrating the 1-year anniversary.

0 thoughts on “We’ve reached the 1-year anniversary of Walk2gether”

  1. Felicitaciones queridos caminantes de “caminan2juntos”, que experiencia tan maravillosa,ha marcado mi vida completamente,estan en nuestras oraciones diarias, animo; el amor todo lo puede, todo lo motiva, ya casi llegamos a la meta, alli estaremos si Dios lo permite.
    Los mejores deseos para este nuevo aÒo.

  2. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary. It was my privilege to have been a part of the start of the walk. God bless you Bob and Cristina for making it this far. My prayers continue to be with you for the remainder of the journey and beyond.

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