Dec 14 2010

Unique Christmas tree ornaments gain CFCA sponsors

Want to share the good news of CFCA this Christmas season?

CFCA volunteers Stan and Dorothy Hubbard did just that at an alternative gift fair recently. They used a red tablecloth and sign provided by CFCA, but they also went one step further.

After scanning photos of children from the folders we sent them, they made the photo into a matching Christmas tree ornament, which was hung from a tabletop Christmas tree on their table.

Whenever someone signed up for sponsorship, the new sponsor got to take the matching ornament home to hang on their family’s Christmas tree.

CFCA Christmas ornaments

Stan Hubbard operates the gift fair table promoting CFCA.

The children who were sponsored at that fair have just received an awesome gift this Christmas ñ food, clothing and access to education!

Here are Dorothy’s instructions for making your own ornaments featuring your sponsored friend:

1) Purchase inexpensive, clear plastic acrylic ornaments from a local craft store.
2) Remove (carefully) each picture from the respective folder.
3) Duplicate each picture using the “copy” function on a printer (she did 6 pictures to a page).
4) Laminate the pages. (This step may be unnecessary; Dorothy did it to preserve the photo.)
5) Cut out each photo in the shape of a circle.
6) Roll the cut photo into a cylinder shape and insert inside ornament. A bamboo stick can be used to straighten the picture.
7) Tie a red ribbon in a bow and add a small silver bell.

CFCA sponsors, we appreciate your comments! How do you remember your sponsored friends during the Christmas season?

0 thoughts on “Unique Christmas tree ornaments gain CFCA sponsors”

  1. What a great idea! Thanks for finding sponsors for so many children. You bring hope to so many! Merry Christmas to both of you!

  2. Stan and Dorothy, once again you never cease to amaze me!
    What a wonderful idea………….you are an inspiration to all of us!
    May all the blessings you give to others return to you a hundred fold!

  3. Stan and Dorothy, Great job!!! I hope you got lots of sponsors for those children. You make me feel bad that I don’t do enough to help more sponsored children find homes.

  4. Stan and Dorothy, very cool. You two are a real blessing to CFCA! I appreciate all that you do for our sponsored friends. You are truly offering hope for a family in the true spirit of Christ. Peace and blessings to you during this joyous season and throughout the coming year. Keep up the good work. Stan, you are diaconia in action!

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