Nov 3 2010

Sponsored student pursues industrial engineering dream

CFCA has served in El Salvador since 1989. Jorge Castaneda, who works in translation services at the El Salvador communications center, sent this report about Edwin Isaac, a CFCA sponsored student studying to become an industrial engineer.

Edwin Isaac thanks God for everything he has accomplished up to this day. He also thanks his sponsor, Dr. Jaime Perea in California.

ìWe have a beautiful relationship; we communicate with each other every month by letters and cards,î he said. ìI feel so proud to be his sponsored child.î

Edwin Isaac

Edwin Isaac

Edwin Isaac was first sponsored Dec. 15, 2001. In 2002 he began at a school in Santa Barbara, Honduras.

With much effort and sacrifice, he was able to transfer to a different school in the same city of Santa Barbara, where he studied automotive mechanics.

After six consecutive years of walking 4 kilometers (about 2.4 miles) to and from school, he was able to reach his goal of graduating from high school.

Now in 2010 he is studying at the National University of Honduras, and he wants to become an industrial engineer.

He thanks all the sponsors who visit his community; it gives him joy to spend time with them.

He also thanks the CFCA social workers, sponsors and CFCA families.

ìI have told you about my life,î he said. ìIt has not been easy, but all the sacrifice has been worth it.î

Note: We contacted Edwinís sponsor, Dr. Perea, for this blog post. Dr. Perea said that he and his wife, Fina, are extremely proud of Edwin Isaac and his studies. They write regularly to him in Spanish.

Dr. Perea said in his last letter to Edwin, he told him that he and his wife are considering a special trip to Honduras when Edwin graduates from university.

ìWe pray for him every day,î he said. ìWe are very, very proud of him.î

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