Nov 18 2010

Former sponsored member radiates compassion

Meshille Mitra, 29, was sponsored through CFCA in Manila, Philippines, from 1989 to 2003. She is now an elementary school teacher.

Through sponsorship, Meshille grew from a timid child into a young woman with confidence and leadership skills.

Meshille and her mother

Meshille and her mother

She was elected president of the CFCA-Manila Alumni Club, a networking and service club for graduates who received assistance through CFCAís sponsorship or scholarship programs.

Sponsorship provided opportunities for Meshille to develop her musical abilities.

Her abilities are showcased in the clubís theme song, ìRadiating Compassion,î which she wrote and performed.

ìIn 2009, inspired by the logo of the CFCA-Manila Alumni Club (sunrays), I found myself hurrying from bed just to write a song from my heartís desire to radiate compassion and love,î Meshille said. ìThe message is overflowing from what I want the CFCA members to feel and realize in each facet of their lives, to continue hoping for the sunlight after hardships and most significantly, to perpetually radiate love and compassion to those who are currently walking on the same road of challenges. With the help of my pianist and choir leader, Ms. Sonia Baes, the song materialized.î

Read more about Meshille on the CFCA website.

Click below to listen to the podcast:

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“Radiating Compassion” by Meshille Mitra


If thereís a thought that youíre forgotten
Live not like this because we are here.
Shining down the melody of kindness
The Lord our God has whispered within.
In the midst of loneliness and sorrow
Remember some people care, so face no fear.
Bringing good memories of happiness.
Searching for the reason to believe.

Radiate compassion and love.
Look within and bring it out.
Holding on to the power of love.
Carry out through CFCA.

If thereís a time you are so frightened,
Needing someoneís hand to face your fear.
Playing a song of loveliness and follow
Every road your life is reaching.
For all the tears and emptiness you have found
God is always here to ease the pain.
Changing you, bringing new direction
Wishing for your turn to give.


In the moment of feeling uncertain
Take my hand and be free.
Listen to the beat of heartís gentleness
And shout out that is for the beauty of thee.


One thought on “Former sponsored member radiates compassion”

  1. Thanks for listening to the song “RADIATE COMPASSION AND LOVE”. Let the message be our principle as we continuously live our lives….whoever and wherever we are…. God bless CFCA !

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