Nov 15 2010

Desert brings clarity to Walk2gether in Peru

Rafael Villalobos, CFCA project coordinator in San Jose, Costa Rica, sent us this blog post about his walk in Peru with CFCA Co-founder and President Bob Hentzen.

Bob and the Walk2gether team are still in Peru, as of Nov. 15.

ìBut then I will lure her back. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her.î ó Hosea 2:14

This text from Hosea brings profound clarity to Walk2gether pilgrims as we traverse the desert of Peru.

Rafael Villalobos, CFCA

Rafael Villalobos

Our Lord has an uncommon way of enchanting us. He brings to the desert those who have been chosen and talks to their hearts.

In the desert, you either trust him or die. There are no certainties or comforts. It is a place of insecurity and solitude.

The desert is a place where we feel we can easily lose important people and things in our life.

In this desert, God talks to the heart of CFCA. He is luring, enchanting and questioning all of us who are part of this movement.

In this harsh reality, he calls us to return to generosity, toward dreams that feed our desire for a new world, and to trust that he is with us on our journey.

It is a call for radical love. We need lots of love to be able to walk these roads.

I believe that this experience is a call to leave a comfortable life, without commitment, without devotion, and to turn toward a lifestyle more in tune with the call we are receiving.

Don Roberto (Bob Hentzen) always says that being in CFCA is a vocation, a calling. Itís not easy work.

It is truly impressive to watch him and DoÒa Cristina (his wife) go step by step in the middle of the desert, walking with happiness and hope.

Walk2gether in the Peruvian desert

The Walk2gether team continues in the desert of Peru.

Recently, the movie ìEat Pray Loveî was released. I have tried to conjugate these verbs in this desert of Peru:

Eat: There are no luxuries in the desert. We eat simply at the side of the road the food prepared by DoÒa Luz. The food tastes glorious when it is prepared with love and shared among friends.

Love: Love conquers pain and fatigue. Here in the desert, love is more pure, without applause or media. You need a love beyond limits to be able to walk this path. We support one another. We encourage one another to keep going when we are tired.

Pray: ìI will lift up my eyes to the mountains. From where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not allow your foot to slipî (Psalms 121:1-3). This psalm profoundly reflects the experience of praying in the desert.

May God grant us all the spiritual experience of a desert so that we can rediscover the true sense of our life of service to those most in need.

Residents of a girlís boarding school in Lima joined the walkers for a day. Hear Bobís podcast below.

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  1. Hoy doy gracias a Dios porque Roberto y Cristina en su caminar nos reafirman la fe de buscar un mundo justo y amoroso para todas y todas; que las fronteras solo existen en los mapas y las polÌticas de los estados y que somos una sola familia CFCA promoviendo globalizar la esperanza…..Adelante compaÒeros y compaÒeras de camino ….Si se puede.

  2. Que Dios te bendiga, Rafael, Don Roberto, DoÒa Cristina y todo el equipo de CFCA. Gracias por compartir sus pensamientos hermosos y sus experiencias en Per˙. Maybe we can meet one day in Costa Rica and you can share more about your ministry here. Chuck Heschmeyer, Heredia, CR

  3. Thank -you Rafael for your beautiful comments…I think of all those who are walking with the Lord on this increadable journey and keep you in my prayers.


  5. Querida familia CFCA: la vida nos regala una experiencia maravillosa “caminan2juntos”, donde los aprendizajes que hemos tenido son innumerables y de un valioso tesoro; caminar por amor, caminar por el otro, caminar para servir, caminar para ayudar, caminar para admirar, caminar y caminar, esto si que nos ha llegado al alma y al corazon,queridos caminantes Colombia envia millones y millones de bendiciones, la meta esta cerca, alli llegaremos todos°°°°°°

  6. Tu corazon, mi corazon,Se hacen uno al andar,
    Tu corazon y mi corazon,Se hacen uno al cantar.

    As I listen to this beautiful song we sang with you in Costa Rica in March as we walked together, I realize it was the Lord’s wonderful and “uncommon way of enchanting us”.

    You are all in our prayers and though we wish we were with you in Peru, we continue walking with you and the poor in Denver.

    We give thanks for CFCA in our lives, one of our greatest blessings.

    Tu corazon, mi corazon-Your heart and mine become one in walking.

    Thank you Rafael for the footprints you have left on our hearts!

  7. Profound reflection, Rafa, as we each face the deserts in our own lives. Thank you, and blessings to the walkers who represent all of us who love CFCA, the children and our aged friends. Peace ~ Linda

  8. Rafael,

    Thanks for your beautiful words. I plan to share this with others as a beautiful example of prayer as my family and others begin to enter into the season of Advent.

    Continual prayers for you and all the walkers.


  9. Thanks Rafa for sharing your beautiful insights.
    Your words reflect the faiith and commitment of the CFCA staff and the walk-2-gether mission.

    Don Roberto and all of CFCA are in our daily prayers.

  10. WoW, Really nice, it just takes you there. Thank you all for doing this wonderful service. Hello to all you pilgrims!
    Love, Colleen

  11. we just shared a few days with sponsored friends at the MAT last week in Costa Rica. We are still amazed at the transformation that CFCA and sponsorship brings to the good people that attend these MAT’s. Bob and Christina, what you have done and are doing for the worlds poor will not be forgotten. Perhaps in a few decades your names will not be remembered BUT your legacy will endure. Paz con Dios as you travel with and for Gods most precious people, the poor. Steven and Theresa Howard, Alajuela Costa Rica.

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