Oct 13 2010

Sponsor reflects on what it means to “walk with the poor”

Everyone at CFCA is grateful for every sponsor who has chosen to partner with us. Here is a beautiful reflection from Matthew Potter, CFCA sponsor and volunteer.

“To walk with the poor.” Thatís a phrase that sometimes just trickles from our lips without really thinking about it.

Sherry, Evanson and Matthew

From left are Sherry Sopha-Potter, Evanson from Kenya and Matthew Potter.

We watch Bob Hentzen lace up his boots and head on down the road knowing that he does, indeed, walk with the poor.

Do we, as CFCA sponsors, walk with the poor, even though we arenít on the road with Bob?

In fact, we do. The most obvious way is when we make our contribution each month in support of our sponsored friends.

We took on this responsibility in a conscious action with the intention of helping someone who needs some assistance, and with the knowledge that sharing in our good fortune is a directive given to us by God.

Jesus tells us, “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” (Luke 12:48, New American Bible)

The money we send to CFCA each month goes to help a real, live person. Someone whose name we know, who goes to sleep each night and wakes up each morning.

Someone who laughs, cries, celebrates joyous occasions and worries about what challenges life will bring today. In other words, someone a lot like us.

Our lives are richer because of our relationships with our sponsored friends.

We walk with our friends each time we make our contribution, each time we write a letter, each time we pray for them.

They help us along the journey with their love and prayers.

Even though we may not travel the road with Bob, through our sponsorship and our faith, we most assuredly do walk with the poor.

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    1. Sherry and Matt,
      I enjoyed reading your article. It was nice seeing you with Evanson in your photo. You are walking with they poor every day. I know how much your sponsored children mean to you. Thanks for all that you do for CFCA.

      God bless both of you and your sponsored children,
      Christine Sementelli – Guatemala MAT 2009

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