Oct 27 2010

CFCA staff from different countries visit Kansas City headquarters

Itís interesting to read what visitors on CFCA mission awareness trips have to say about the countries they visit, but what impresses people who visit the U.S.?

Last week, six accountants from Latin America projects ó four from Guatemala, one from El Salvador and one from Colombia ó visited the CFCA headquarters in Kansas to learn a new accounting system. They account for the sponsorship funds and their use in the field, then make their report back to Kansas City. We asked our guests what impressed them most during the visit.

CFCA accountants from Latin America

From left are Francisco Chavajay, Mario Gonzalez, Pedro Ibate, Alexandra Cardona Gomez, JosÈ Alfredo Julajuj and JosÈ Nery Madrid.

Hereís what they said …


p style=”text-align:left;”>ìIt is a blessing to be here learning new ways of working, and it fills me with happiness. Definitively, looking at the culture, I see lots of organization. I also noticed much cultural diversity. I have seen people from many different countries here in Kansas.î

óPedro Ibate, Atitlan project, Guatemala


p style=”text-align:left;”>ìThis is a very orderly country. I could see different kinds of construction that I havenít seen in my country. You donít have buses or transport trucks, like we have in Guatemala. Here, everybody has their own car. And there are lots of people on the streets, people out exercising, lots of green space. The people are very friendly.î

óJosÈ Alfredo Julajuj, Hermano Pedro project, Guatemala


p style=”text-align:left;”>ìTwo things have impressed me most: One, the orderliness of traffic. People respect the system, even though today we saw two policemen writing tickets. People are cautious when the traffic lights have cameras. Two, the bridges impressed me, some very large bridges with two or three lanes. In Guatemala, we are used to one-lane bridges where cars have to take turns crossing and the lines will go for hours.î

óFrancisco Chavajay, Hermano Pedro project, Guatemala

CFCA accountants

CFCA accountants


p style=”text-align:left;”>ìWhat I have most liked is the respect and the punctuality people have, very disciplined about schedules and responsibilities. And the streets are very wide and everything is very clean. I was also impressed by the diversity of skin color and cultures. And the parking system, we went to a lot where you take your ticket and park wherever you want. To leave, you pay your $2 and the gate opens automatically. In Guatemala, a policeman has to show you where to park.î

óMario Gonzalez, Hermano Pedro project, Guatemala


p style=”text-align:left;”>ìWhat has impressed me most is the culture of respect for pedestrians when they cross the street. The pedestrian is most important. I think this is lovely. This doesnít happen in Medellin. You have to be very careful crossing the street in Medellin. The skyscrapers here are different and there are lots of tall buildings. And the airports are different. They are so large and very organized.î

óAlexandra Cardona Gomez, Madre Paula project, Colombia

ìEveryone drives at an easy speed. People respect the pedestrian. The streets, the buildings and their construction, the houses and the buildings in the city center are nice. I saw a lot of people leaving their homes to eat dinner, families going out. We went to eat at a Japanese restaurant where they cook the raw food in the middle of your table. The cook threw a piece of shrimp in the air and you have to catch it in your mouth.î


p style=”text-align:right;”>óJosÈ Nery Madrid, Santa Ana project, El Salvador

We wish them all the best as they embark on the formidable task of sharing what theyíve learned with their colleagues. Suerte, amigos. Vayan con Dios!

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