Sep 21 2010

Walk2gether enters Peru

Bob Hentzen and the Walk2gether team crossed into Peru on Tuesday, Sept. 14. They would appreciate your prayers as they will be walking through remote areas far from the region where CFCA works. It will be about 820 miles before they get to the CFCA project office in Lima.

Bob will be in Peru until mid-January 2011. He will cover challenging terrain, including mountainous areas in the Andes and desert regions along the coast. Despite the obstacles, he has expressed his appreciation for support from friends and family.

Along with his wife, Cristina, an international support team will be traveling with him for the next month: Yessenia Alfaro, from the CFCA project in Santa Ana, El Salvador; Irrael Itzol, from the Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala; and Luis Jaco and Miriam Cartagena from Ocotepeque, Honduras.

Go to CFCA’s Peru country page to learn about our work in Peru. We also have a video about a Peruvian family who’s building a new house with CFCA’s help.

We also encourage people to post prayers and messages of solidarity for Bob and the team. We’re at 500 comments and counting!

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  1. Apreciado Don Roberto. Desde CFCA-Ecuador un fraternal saludo en comuniÛn con mi esposa Silvia Carpio, Coordinadora del Programa en la PenÏnsula de Santa Elena. Continuamos unidos a Ustedes desde la OraciÛn y los buenos sentimientos de unidad y de identidad con todo su proyecto en el mundo. Desde la “Espiritualidad del Camino” iluminada por el texto de lucas que nos narra el episodio de los Caminantes de Ema˘s continuamos reflexionando y meditando el sentido de la MARCHA “CAMINANDO2JUNTOS” que ahora atravieza el territorio peruano. La experiencia que pude compartir con ustedes en el ˙ltimo trayecto de la marcha por el territorio ecuatoriano hasta la frontera con Per˙, en Huaquillas, me dejÛ una gran lecciÛn acerca del espiritu peregrino de nuestro pueblo latinoamericano. Un continente donde el desplazamiento forzado por la violencia, o por la pobreza y la miseria, o por razones polÏticas es un com˘n denominador. Esta marcha peregrina y cristiana tiene que sensibilizarnos sobre estas realidades de la movilizaciÛn migrante de nuestros hermanos latinos por el mundo buscando mejores oportunidades para ellos y sus familias. Que la identidad y el espiritu de pertenencia a CFCA nos sigan entusiasmando en la lucha por El Reino de Dios entre los m‡s vulnerables y CAMINEMOS a su lado en sus busquedas y en sus logros.
    Abrazos para Usted y para la SeÒora Cristina.
    Los queremos mucho. ANIMO EN LA CAMINADA POR EL REINO DE DIOS……..

  2. Hi All,There are many wonderful people in Peru, you all will be blessed to get to know them. Have a beautiful time there!

  3. Mr Bob, As you get to Chimbote remember to greet Fr Davis. you and all walkers are in my prayers each day, as well as all those who walk out of necsssity!

  4. Bob and Christina,
    I just returned from Costa Rica and what a beautiful country. After visiting Guatemala I now know the contrast and how their is so much help needed in these less developed communities. You are both such wonderful people for recognizing this. We all continue to root you on and are amazed at your ability to do this walk. You definitely are blessed and loved very much by all!

    Amor, Colleen

  5. Sir Bob & Maíam Cristina,

    Warmest greetings from Manila! We are so happy to know you are doing well and now in Peru. This Sunday 26th September, we will be walking with the other communities and parishioners of St. Vincent Shrine here in Quezon City. This is part of our celebration of St. Vincent de Paulís Feast Day. Our CFCA Manila has the biggest delegation of about 220 sposnored parents and co-workers. We will remember you all this day and always. We are also sharing in your journey with other organizations in the community. May the Lord bless you in every step you take. We are always with you in prayers and spirit as we are walking each day with the CFCA sponsored families in the communities.

    Abrazos a todos caminantes…Yessenia, Don Irra, DoÒa Miriam y Don Luis…my professor in spanish as we walk in the mountain of Honduras.

    God be with you in your journey. God bless CFCA Walk2gether!


  6. Hello to Luis and Miriam. I hope they are doing well. I met them during the MAT to Honduras in August. Dios bendiga a todos. Por favor diga Sr Roberto “hola.”

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