Sep 15 2010

Teaching hope to oneís children

Jesly and Laura

Jesly meets Laura, her sponsor, in Nicaragua.

One of our sponsors, Laura, discusses a recent trip with her daughter to Nicaragua, her home country, to visit their sponsored friend.

My name is Laura and I was born in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. I have the great pleasure of sponsoring a child from my home country; her name is Jesly and she is 6 years old. Recently, I traveled to Nicaragua to see my family and took the opportunity to schedule a visit to meet Jesly. The main goals for my visit were not just to meet Jesly but also to introduce my 5-year-old daughter Julia to the gratifying experience of helping others in need.

Jesly lives in a town called Esteli, which is about a three-hour drive from the capital of Managua where my family lives. When we arrived at the Managua project, my daughter, my brother and I decided to drive ourselves accompanied by a CFCA guide. We drove for a long while, passing through green valleys and mountains, and a couple of rain showers! I think I saw more of my country that day than I had in years!

When we reached Esteli we were met by the local CFCA coordinator. By this time the rain was pouring and when we pulled up to Jeslyís home, currents of mud were everywhere. I found Jesly, her mom Belky, and her little brother Jonathan waiting for us. I found Jesly to be a sweet, shy and beautiful little girl. I was so glad that I had brought my daughter to meet her. The humble home and surroundings made me reflect on the plight of so many people in Nicaragua and around the world. I was told of how CFCA provides assistance to families in need and Jeslyís family in particular.

Jesly and Julia

Jesly meets Julia, Laura’s daughter.

I was able to give Jesly a few toys and some clothing that I had brought for her. In no time, she and my daughter were playing with the dolls we had just ripped out of their packages! It warmed my heart to see how two little girls from different backgrounds could be brought together with the simple and universal act of playing with dolls.

When I was back at my parentsí home, I reflected on the dayís events. I was so thankful for the opportunity to meet Jesly and especially for being able to share the experience with my daughter. I spoke to Julia about the importance of helping those in need; that there are many people who need assistance and that a lot of them are kids just like her. I pray that this experience will stay with her as she grows up and that she recognizes how blessed we are in our family with everything that the Lord has provided for us.

I would like to thank CFCA for making this journey possible.

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