Sep 17 2010

Sponsor hosts World Walk 2010

participants in World Walk 2010

Participants in Carol Gall’s World Walk

From Michigan to Meru, Kenya, people associated with CFCA are creating their own versions of Walk2gether, CFCA President Bob Hentzen’s ongoing journey from Guatemala to Chile (Bob is now in Peru).

On June 5, Carol Gall hosted World Walk, an 18-mile solidarity walk inspired by Walk2gether. Members of her community in Michigan were invited to walk all or part of the 18 miles, and during planned breaks along the route, she had arranged for multicultural foods and displays to reinvigorate the 40 walkers that showed up.

Below she describes the walk and some of the culture and food they experienced.

By Carol Gall, CFCA sponsor

The weather was perfect. We started at Destiny Christian Ministries at 9 a.m. with about 30 people. We enjoyed worship music by Michael W. Smith loudly playing from the back of the lead van.

We walked 3 miles to the Gall family’s home for our first break where we enjoyed homemade egg rolls from a fellow participant. Many commented, “That was the best egg roll I have ever had!”

We walked about another 3 miles to another family’s home for our 6-mile break. The hostess served chips and two flavors of salsa from the La Senorita restaurant where her husband works. She decorated the porch and tables in Mexican style. We were refreshed for the next 3 miles.

We walked about a mile to Morey School where 10 people were waiting to join us. We were gaining in numbers! The weather continued to be pleasant, and we enjoyed a gentle breeze. When we arrived at our lunch destination, the 9-mile mark, another walker, his mom and sister greeted us at the road! They served a tasty lunch of Spanish rice, beans, tortillas, Kenyan stew, fresh fruit and vegetables. The basement where we ate was cool and relaxing. We browsed the many posters, informational brochures and multicultural items displayed by HIS World News Club.

After that satisfying lunch, some headed back toward Shepherd, where the walk began. When we arrived at Morey School, we lost some of the walkers that had parked their cars there. We were now down to only nine walkers who remained with us to the finish.

Read about walkers in Meru, Kenya, who also expressed their solidarity with Walk2gether.

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  1. This is great that Carol was able to organize this. I know how hard it is to try to organize an event like this. Good job!!

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