Sep 1 2010

Kenyans welcome new constitution

Peter Ndungo, Nairobi project coordinator, sends this report about Kenya’s establishment of a new national constitution. He explains the implications of this for CFCA families in Kenya.

“Kenya reborn … Our day of pride … Itís a fresh start … The dream of a new Kenyaî … These are some of the headlines from one of our mainstream newspapers.

Alice, from Kenya


Kenya became independent on Dec. 12, 1963, with a constitution negotiated in London with heavy input by the departing colonizers.

After many years in pursuit of a truly representative and democratic constitution, Kenyans finally ushered in the new constitution at a ceremony at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, on Aug. 27, 2010.

Kenyans have high expectations for the new constitution. Some CFCA sponsored members and their families shared their reactions.

Alice, a sponsored aging member, said she voted ìyesî for the constitution. She says that it will give rise to a new Kenya free from colonial restrictions.

Rachel, from Kenya


Alice also says she is ìhappy to have lived to see the day that Kenya would have a new constitution.î

Rachel, mother to sponsored child Monica, says that she voted for the constitution because it eliminates tribalism that has often caused people to rise against one another. Rachel says, ìIf my daughter decides to marry in another country, she will not have to give up her identity as a Kenyan. Dual citizenship is now allowed. As a woman, I feel protected by this constitution; I have a right to property.î

Truphosa, mother to sponsored child Kelvin, says she is ìvery excited since the new constitution promises free quality primary education. …

Truphosa, from Kenya


This will benefit many Kenyans as through the years the cost of education has risen steadily, and very few people can afford to pay fees for their children.î

The constitution creates an enabling environment for all Kenyans to live up to their potential in an atmosphere of freedom, liberty, human dignity and equal rights. CFCA in Kenya welcomes with open hands the new constitution, and we look forward with a lot of expectation to the hard part ó the implementation phase.

We want to join other Kenyans in building our nation and giving hope to our sponsored members and their families. We are happy to participate in building a happy and prosperous democratic Kenya.

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  1. Hi Peter,its encouraging to hear from you and the sponsored members ,it is really a new dawn,new Kenya, lets all embrace change and be ready to implement

  2. Hello Peter, It’s great to hear from you and thanks for sharing the news and insights regarding Kenya’s constitution. Congratulations to all people of Kenya on this significant step forward.

  3. Thank you very much Peter for sharing this with us. The new constitution is positively going to affect all of us and thus in one way or another improve the standards of our sponsored families since there all several opportunities now available for the common ‘mwanachi’/ person.

  4. Peter, thank you very much for sharing this extraordinary news in the life of the Kenyans. May this day be the light of a new future in which your people can find true freedom and equality. I am blesed to know you personally and you are a true example of the desire of a better future in the Kenyans. Felicidades!

  5. Thank you, Peter, for your hopeful words. We join with all Kenyans at this happy time as you take the first steps on this new leg of your journey toward a life of true liberty and equality.

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