Sep 22 2010

Brother writes letter after sponsored youth dies

This translated letter is from the brother of a sponsored youth, the late Santos SalomÛn, in Guatemala, from CFCAís Hermano Pedro project. The brother is writing to Santosí sponsor after Santosí recent death. Please remember Santos and his family in prayer.

“Hi, my name is Luis Felipe. I am the brother of Santos SalomÛn. I am writing you on his behalf since he can no longer write. Receive my most cordial greetings and wishes for success and blessings in your daily endeavors.

Santos SalomÛn

Santos SalomÛn

“The reason I am writing is to thank you with all my heart for the help you sent my brother and our family for so long. It was a blessing because all that he received, thanks to your financial support, was for the benefit of our home and especially for him because your support enabled him to study medicine in the university.

“His strongest desire was to become a doctor. Even though he wasnít yet a doctor, he visited the sick. He said that God was with the sick. He asked me to accompany him several times but I was bored. But he said there is no better medicine than God and a smile. When we were together, he always infected others with his joy. His happiness was the best doctor for me, but no more.

“We should remember that our lives are not our own, but loaned to us from God, so we must live according to his will and not according to our own. Luis knew this until the very end. One day on his way to studying, a bus on which he was riding collided with another bus. God decided that it was time for him to go. I think that God wanted someone to make him laugh.

“I experienced so many things with Santos, from talking to a girl on the way to church, playing soccer together, visiting the sick, bringing joy to the elderly, singing on our way home, and selling ice cream together.

“I was filled with pride when he did his charity work, especially with those most in need. They were small gifts, but they meant a lot. He gave ice cream to children, gave his seat on the bus to an elderly woman. I was always at his side, aware that he was preparing me for my new task.

“I understood one day in church when the priest explained that there are moments when we no longer live in Jesus. He lives in us. This teaches us to live. This is what I learned from my brotherís example. I told myself that Santos lives no more, but rather it is Jesus Christ who lives in Santos. The days he didnít go to church were because he had something urgent to do because he preferred to go to church to do his job in life. He said that God gives us wisdom to do it and without it, we canít begin our job.

“Our whole family grieves his death, but we know that he is an angel of Jesus and he takes care of us from heaven. He no longer belongs to the CFCA family, but I invite you to sponsor another child. We know that you are a great person. You will do it. May God bless you. We bid you farewell with respect, gratitude and love.


Luis Felipe, brother of Santos SalomÛn”

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  1. Luis Felipe, Thank you for the beautiful story in tribute to your brother! Thank you for sharing Santos with us. Through your reflection I can see that Christ is living in you as well. Many blessings of healing from the loss of your brother.

  2. To Santos family,
    Your hearts are felt from far away, we grieve this loss of a wonderful spirit such as your son, and brother. The people of your country make all of us richer, because you give with your hearts so much and we in America need your love. Thank you for being the wonderful human beings you are.
    With Love,

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