Aug 30 2010

ëWe will†meet†againí

Recently, we wrote about the importance of farewell letters and the closure it can provide to both the sponsored individual and the sponsor. Margaret and Bernard Reilly sponsored Rose Anne for 11 years. After she left the CFCA program in June 2010, Margaret and Bernard were able to write her one last letter to say good-bye.

Rose Anne

Rose Anne

Rose Anne a formerly sponsored child

June 13, 2010

Dear Rose Anne,

Ma’am and I have just received the letter that you wrote on May 12. We are saddened that you are leaving the program, but we know that this had to happen at some point. After all, you are soon to turn 17 years of age, and you are now a young woman with all of the experiences and responsibilities that come with entry into adulthood. Then too, Ma’am and I are now both of us in our early 80s, and so the regular course of life would have ended our relationship, perhaps before very long, in any event.

For all of that fact, it is still a little sad. The two of us have felt very proud to be able to watch you, in some sense, to grow up from a very little girl to the strong and able adult that you are now. We have been very lucky to have been able to help you in some small ways, and we would wish to have been able to do even more for someone whom we have come to love and regard as a very special granddaughter.

We are enclosing one last picture for you to keep. It was taken just a month ago, and in it are two of our grandchildren who are quite your own age. Eliza and Paul are the children of our second daughter, Maureen, and again, like you are not children of our family by blood. Maureen and her husband, Bill, adopted them when it became impossible for them to have children because of their age. Nevertheless, they are our grandchildren in love, as are you yourself.

We ask you to continue to pray for the two of us as we shall continue to pray for you. We will meet again in that heaven where all human sadness is ended, and we shall then have the chance to know and love you yet even more.

As ever and ever,
Sir and Ma’am

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