Aug 5 2010

‘Lord, … help me do your work’

By Cathy Cazares, parish contact representative

Here on the parish contact team, even when a pastor says, ìNo,î or ìNot at this time,î we think of it as a bit of success. After all, he didnít say, ìDonít call again!î He has heard our message, and he has heard our name.

Perhaps, too, in those few precious minutes on the phone, we have touched the heart of a receptionist or secretary with our story of sponsorships. Maybe they really heard our message, and will look at our website and be led to sponsorship. Maybe they will share it with a family member or a friend, or even talk to the pastor who might reconsider giving us a second look. The next time they open a publication and see our ad, perhaps they will look just a little bit closer.


Although it may be difficult to hear ìnoî so many times in a day, itís not about me and my disappointment. Itís really about allowing me an opportunity to think about a new way to introduce CFCA. Iím getting the opportunity to work harder so that I might be successful in what I do, which translates into sponsorships of children and elderly in need.

We continually remember it might be a bad day or a bad year. It is just not the right time, and really, itís not about me at all. So I squelch my little ego inside and say an extra prayer, ìLord, let their hearts be open and help me do your work.î

I was given an opportunity with CFCA to help provide for my family, and now itís up to me to work hard to help empower families in poverty to provide for their loved ones. So while, ìNo, not at this time,î may be difficult to hear over and over again, we try to remember that, ìíNo,í only means no today.î

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0 thoughts on “‘Lord, … help me do your work’”

  1. This series is a great idea! It really helps the rest of us understand and appreciate some of “the inside aspects of the movement.”

    I was personally touched and informed, so thank you for your work and for sharing some of your stories.


  2. I have just read all 3 post. I will keep all of you in our prayers. As we keep our sponsored child in our prayers. My wife always tells me God doesn’t give us anything we cant do. You and you co-workers are doing a fantastic job.
    As always
    Jesus, Mary, & Joseph bless & protect us & be with us always.

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