Aug 10 2010

‘Blissful homecoming to my†beloved†Philippines’

Veron Telar

Veron Telar

By Veron Telar, Manila project coordinator

It was 2:30 a.m., Philippine time, on June 20, 2010, when I finally arrived home from my 21-hour trip from Kansas City back to my country, the Philippines. Thanks be to God for a very pleasant trip. What an absolute feeling of excitement and happiness I had during my entire journey. I was reunited with my son, my whole family and my CFCA family in the project. Yes, everyone at home had been waiting for me.

Itís been about six months since I left the Philippines and joined CFCA’s Walk2gether in Latin America, and now I am back. Honestly, it was not even easy to leave the walk, the people and the CFCA family who took care of me, inspired me and loved me while I was away from my family. I am blessed to have had this very significant and life-changing experience as a member of the Walk2gether team for five months and 12 days. With Sir Bob and Maíam Cristina (CFCA President Bob Hentzen and his wife, Cristina), I have walked 4,004 kilometers, slept in 61 beds and taken 6.6 million footsteps.

I have truly my innermost, overwhelming feeling being with Walk2gether. Being with the people each day and listening to the words of wisdom of the CFCA president are my greatest gift. I was completely at peace and content, traveling and staying in a foreign land, just keeping in mind that I belong to CFCA. True enough, CFCA is a worldwide family and community. There was no room for uncertainties, only assurances of love, belonging and protection when there are possible dangers. Along the road, we always tell the people that we offer hope and we share love with them. In return, we are receiving more than we gave, as they helped us realize the greatest value of life with simplicity and humility in words and in deeds.

I came home very happy, at peace and ready to face the day-to-day life with my family and the Manila project. I am much honored and perpetually grateful that I represented my country during my time with Walk2gether. I have a renewed spirit of hope, love, service and commitment to the CFCA work and mission. I truly appreciate the opportunity of knowing so many sponsored families and co-workers.

As CFCA offers hope for families in this challenging time, we in the Philippines are becoming more hopeful that changes for the better will take place in this beautiful world. May the Lord bless us as we work hard for this mission.

Indeed, my participation in Walk2gether provided me a renewed life and spirit of service and mission. Walk2gether is one of the best experiences that CFCA has given me, and I thank God for this blissful homecoming to my beloved Philippines.

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  1. Dear Veron,

    I have thought of you often since we met on the MAT in Nicaragua. I was so impressed with your dedication to CFCA. I loved your wonderful smile, your cheerful positive attitude and the fact that you could help translate my conversations! I am so glad to read that you are safely home. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family and the hundrends of children and elderly that you minister to in the Philippines.

  2. Veron, I am late in leaving a note, But it was good to see you in Nicaragua and to walk with you. I am glad you are home with a successful adventure behind. I am glad to have met you and shared some stories of sponcorship through CFCA.

  3. Hola amiga Veronica Telar como estas, siempre te recuerdo como una amiga caminante fuerte y valiente no habÌa visto caminar tanto a una mujer como tu, eres muy fuerte y valiente, siempre te recordamos en San Lucas Tolim·n, gracias por ayudarme a limpiar el bus en la caminata fuiste mi copiloto, mucho animo y saludos a tu familia linda.

  4. Welcome Back Home Veron – I met you on the MAT/Walk in March in Costa Rica. I am happy that you are safely home at last. I am sure that your time in Latin America was an experience you will never forget. You gave so much of yourself to everyone! You are an awesome woman and CFCA, the children, aging and staff and sponsors are lucky to have you! God Bless you and your work always! Christine (the one with the eye infections behind the sunglasses!!)

  5. Hi Jacki, Thanks a lot for walking with us and for following through the walk2gether. I am much delighted with your sponsorship to a child here in the Philippines. WELCOME TO OUR CFCA FAMILY! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I really hope to see you next year and for you to get to know more about your sponsored friend. May God bless you and your family.

  6. Veron,

    Hello! I walked with you in Costa Rica with Gina, Bobs daughter. I just want to say what an awesome job you have done walking! I am glad to hear you have arrived home safely! If you have not heard yet, I have just sponsored a child from the Philippines! And I should be visiting next year! Can’t wait to see you all!

  7. Hello Veron, it’s me Adolfo Hern·ndez from Nicaragua, do you remember me?; let me give you thousands, and thousands of thanks for your paticipation in the pilgrimage of faith II, it is good to know that you are at home again, tell to your son Hi from my part, and i’m praying our God because exist people like, Bob, Cristina and you that make the effort and sacrifice for a better world.
    God bless you.

    1. Hi Adolfo! Thanks for your kind words. Let me tell you that you and the rest of Managua team have done a wonderful participation during the walk. Thank you so much for allowing me to walk in your beautiful country. My son Rezo was so happy and proud that I made it in the walk…and that I met you all. Best regards to Ervin and the rest of the Managua team. God bless always!

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