Jul 30 2010

Working with teenagers

From the Santo Domingo project in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic campWe are concerned about personal development and training for young people and teenagers, who are a vulnerable population and are in constant danger of falling into juvenile delinquency.

Through the Centro Familiar (Family Center), we prepare activities for teenagers that address personal growth, values and respect for life. As part of this program, we have given two workshops this year: career counseling and values and dating. The career counseling workshop involved a personality survey to help the participants see which profession would best suit them.

These two workshops attracted 1,807 teenagers, with some attending from every subproject.

Another activity is a camp we offer every year. Its goal is to make use of the teenagersí free time during vacation for formation activities that focus on personal development. The camps have an educational and formative theme. Various activities are offered such as crafts, visual arts, theater, writing composition, table sports, and racket sports. The camp ends in Santo Domingo with the distribution of participant awards, a medal and a trophy, to each first, second, and third place winner.

Upon reflection, this activityís importance stood out because the teenagers participated in healthy activities during their vacation and distanced themselves from other activities that might have been detrimental to their well-being. Also, they appreciated the involvement of and interaction with teenagers from other subprojects. This interaction is just what we wanted, that CFCA become one big family. We have made an effort so that every teenager can participate in the camps, which we believe will help them in the future to become better citizens.

During the 2009 camp, we had 350 teenagers benefit from the program.

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