Jul 15 2010

Why do you sponsor with CFCA?

CFCA takes a very grassroots approach to spreading the word about our Hope for a Family sponsorship program. We donít spend a lot of money on advertising to find new sponsors (in fact, fundraising only totals 3.2 percent of our expenses). Consequently, that also means we rely on the enthusiasm of our sponsors to share CFCA with others by talking about their sponsorship experience.

We have approximately 270,000 sponsors, and we want to hear from you. Why do you sponsor with CFCA? What would you tell others about sponsoring through CFCA? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

66 thoughts on “Why do you sponsor with CFCA?”

  1. My husband David and I live in New York City. When we first married we had no interest in having children. However, I have always felt it was my responsibility as a Catholic to help those in need. A month after we married my husband’s company decided that his job would be relocated to Los Angeles. I did not want to move to there. The stress of the move was tearing our new marriage apart. While on a trip to Mexico we visited a Catholic miracles church in Petatlan. We prayed and asked for a miracle that we would somehow not have to move to Los Angeles and that we would continue to have a loving marriage. Within a few months and nothing short of a miracle my husband’s position was kept in New York and we did not move. I decided that I wanted to give back to God for the blessing we received. We decided to sponsor a child from Mexico through CFCA. Our sponsored child was a young boy named Luis from Cuernavaca. We loved the letters, pictures and photos we received from Luis and I waited with anticipation for our next letter. We began to feel a true connection, affection and concern for Luis, his family, and his future. As such an intelligent, motivated, and inspirational boy, we were impressed by everything he wrote in this letters about this ambitions and his success in school. We decided that we needed to meet him and his family. CFCA helped us to make the arrangements for our trip. Our visit far exceeded our expectations. We wanted to do whatever we could do to help him reach his potential. It is around 10 years since we started sponsoring Luis. We are still helping him to reach his educational goals. I feel humbled by our experience as a sponsor. I believe our relationship with him has transformed our lives and pave the way to our desire of adopting a child of our own. We see the hand of God in every aspect of our relationship of our sponsored child as it has strengthened our faith.

  2. We have been deeply touched by Kimberly, our sponsored child for over 17 years (since September 1996). Through the years, Kimberly’s faithful, faith-filled & loving correspondence has been inspiring for us. She writes several times a year. Her letters tell of her daily life & schoolwork. She shares her struggles & accomplishments. Through these beautiful letters, Kimberly has become a part of our family. Kimberly lives in the Philippines and we are very concerned for her and her family.

    Kimberly uses the funds from our sponsorship for school supplies & uniforms. She has worked very hard & is finishing her last semester of college. We are very proud of Kimberly & grateful to be part of her life. Sponsoring her has been one of the most rewarding choices we have made.

    Because we have been so strongly impacted by our sponsorship of Kimberly, for Christmas we are sponsoring friends for our two youngest children, ages 14 and 15. Hopefully, they will have the opportunity to share with their sponsored friends for many years to come.

  3. I sponsor 2 children in the Philippines. God brought them to me to help. Although I have concerns with the typhoon that hit today, I know that the CFCA is going to be there throughout the entire time to help. This is the best charity I have EVER been a part of and the connections you feel with just knowing you are helping a child in need is unbelievable. This is such a great organization and I will do whatever I can to help. I wish I could sponsor all them. But the 2 I got right now are a blessing to my life thanks to the CFCA :)

    1. Thank you Brad for such glowing praise. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the Philippines. We are very blessed that the reports we received from our staff there over the weekend has indicated that all of the sponsored members are safe.

      Thank you so much for all the help you are offering.

      -Jordan Kimbrell, CFCA Writer/Editor

  4. This summer i went on a mission trip with my school to El Salvador. There, I visited a community of single mothers and their families.

    I have never been welcomed so beautifully.

    Not even in my own home, and my family loves me so much! The community, despite their daily struggle to feed their families, gathered money to buy balloons, supplies to make signs, and ribbon to tie the most beautiful flowers that they gathered and arranged themselves! The children of the community came and gave us the flowers, hugging and kissing us, and in that instant, for the first time, I felt the connection of humanity, which CFCA brings us to.

    Different families volunteered to give us tours of their homes. Despite the poverty they were living in, they were so proud of their homes, so joyful to have visiters-all the way from America! I felt so welcome. We sat on the cement outside that served as a porch and a staff member translated for us as we had the most amazing conversation. The family was so thankful that we had come to visit their home. “My house is your house,” said the mother. She has two daughters, after we left I asked if I could sponsor one. While I was waiting for the answer, I was able to watch others in my group meet their sponsor children, some for the first time, others for the fourth. I cannot quite describe that day; except that I have never seen so much love in one place.

    The next day my sponsorship was confirmed, and the staff at CFCA invited Brenda and her family to come have lunch with me. Meeting her again as her sponsor was the most wonderful gift. We played together, she gave me a bunch of flowers, saying she wanted to pick all the flowers for me. She wanted glasses like mine, so we made her a pair out of pipe cleaners. Her sister drew me a picture of a house, and we made tortillas out of playdough. This three-year-old girl and her family bring me more joy than I could ever tell. Saying goodbye to her was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, and I couldn’t stop crying as she gave me kisses and hugs, and her older sister and mother hugged me, telling me they hoped I could visit again next year.

    Two weeks ago I got my first letter from Brenda’s mother. She says that Brenda asks for me everyday and that their family prays for me every night. I sponsored Brenda thinking I would be helping her; instead, I have been given more than I could ever repay.
    Thank you, CFCA <3.

  5. After my conversion, I read a book by Father Larry Richards called Surrender. In it, Fr. Richards speaks about getting involved in helping others by sponsoring a child, and although he does not mention CFCA, I actively looked for a way to help. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I found CFCA and my wife and I began sponsoring a child. We lovingly give the little we can to a child in need and keep her and her family in our prayers. Helping others is a blessing and CFCA’s programs are examples of the powerful witness of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a pleasure to give and live the Gospel of our Lord. May God bless you all.

  6. Am a boy from Kenya in Africa, secondary student, doing my Final Exams this year. Am a CFCA beneficiary. I love this organisation and I pray GOD that He wil bless them all the time it is of Great Impact to my life.

  7. God certainly works in miraculous ways…
    I was going through a time in my life when I desperately needed guidance from God. I hadn’t been to church in quite some time and knew I needed to attend mass. I made my way to church that morning praying for a blessing. It just so happened, that particular Sunday morning, there was a presentation about CFCA. I instantly knew that was the answer to my prayer. I had been trying to find a way to volunteer and help those in need for quite some time, but nothing ever seemed to work out.

    I brought the packet home and went online right away and started going through all the profiles. When Jeremiah’s picture came up, I couldn’t look away- I knew she was the girl I was meant to sponsor. I read her profile and discovered her birthday was 3 days after mine, and like me, she loved science! I wanted to make it possible for her to pursue her dreams and an education. I’ve been so incredibly blessed in my life and wanted to share that with someone less fortunate. By the grace of God, I am living out my dream of becoming a doctor as I am currently finishing my first year of medical school. I want her to know anything is possible!!

    Jeremiah has changed my life in ways I can’t explain. Her pictures are hanging on my fridge with the cards she has made for me over the last year. It always brings tears to my eyes when I get a letter from her and I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I can’t thank God enough for bringing her into my life.

    Sponsoring Jeremiah is the best money I have ever spent. I hope to go on a CFCA mission awareness trip someday and meet her. Thank you CFCA for making this possible!

  8. I have been sponsoring Rolando in the Philippines since he was 7, and he’s now in college. I gave myself a trip to visit him as a retirement gift in 2009. I didn’t remember how long I had been his sponsor, but he knew to the day; and his mother had saved every letter and photo I’d sent. It was so gratifying to learn how far CFCA can stretch my dollars, and very humbling to experience all the communities’ gratitude for our puny gifts. About a year ago, in addition to Rolando, I began sponsoring Lydia, an elderly lady who is also in dire need and incredibly thankful for my sponsorship. The combined effect of what a CFCA sponsorship means to a person, their family and community, is truly amazing. I hope to meet Lydia in person and attend Rolando’s college graduation within the next couple of years.

  9. One Sunday during Mass, I was in the vestibule of the church with my toddler and 3 year old, trying to keep them quiet during Mass. There was a table with little packets of people who needed sponsorship. They all had a face and a story. There was a six year old girl whose name started with an M. Anyone who knows us personally, knows that all of our children’s names start with an M. As I was wrangling my toddler and trying to get them to “leave those packets alone,” I told Jesus, “If I were to choose one, I would choose this one”…pointing to her picture packet. As Mass was finished, I was patiently waiting for my family to come out and remembered that I was loosing my patience as to what reason were they not hurrying up! Well come to find out, they were signing up to sponsor a child…and the packet chosen was exactly the one I said I would choose! I learned later, that while the spokesperson for CFCA was speaking my husband quietly prayed to God that when he would get there, all of the packets would be chosen, indicating that there would be so much generosity from our congregation, that he wouldn’t have to choose. Unfortunately he was disappointed, there were several packets still lying on the table. Grateful but discouraged by the lack of generosity, he told one of our little girls to pick the one she wanted to be her “sister.” She chose Marie. I was thrilled that God moved my little girl to pick the child I had grown to love just by a picture. Exchanging letters and photos with a child and her family has made us aware of just how much we have to be grateful for. We pray as a family every night, that little Marie and her family are safe and at peace. We love seeing her grow up and our girls enjoy picking out little trinkets to send along to her. Its such a joy to know that we can help. We hope one day that we will be able to actually meet her and her family. Until then, we love her and her family like they were blood. Thank you, CFCA, for listening to God’s call and taking action to provide us a way to give.

  10. We just received our “final” letter from our sponsored child, Carlos Miguel. Carlos is from Honduras and we had the honor of meeting him twice. He has just graduated from high school with a speciality in computers. We are so proud of him! We have been with Carlos since he was 6 years old. We went to his humble village, met his wonderful mother and family, and are amazed and proud of what he has accomplished academically, considering his circumstances. From the moment we met him, we realized that he was an exceptionally bright boy, and he has shown this to be true.

    My own children are also “flying from the nest”. I have a daughter that is also graduating from high school in June, and my son just completed two years of musical study in Los Angeles. Three at once! Luckily, we still sponsor a young boy in Honduras and a young girl in India. May their futures be as bright as Carlos’ due to CFCA!

    CFCA has broadened my family’s horizons in many ways. May God bless CFCA and everyone involved in sponsoring these wonderful children.

  11. I’ve just returned from my first CFCA Mission Awareness trip in Kenya, after having been a sponsor in Africa since 2008. I was able to meet my beneficiary and her mother, which was the highlight to be sure! After visiting the various sub-projects – as well as home visits with other beneficiaries- I am even more impressed than I was before, with CFCA’s efficient management, seemingly “multiplication of the loaves ability”, and with the numerous checks and balances all across the system to account for everything. By everything I mean not only the funds we send but sponsorship communications and social worker visits, small mothers groups formation and micro-loan implementation, etc…Every detail is managed well. They are able to transform my $30 a month into something so much more valuable, and I in turn am learning how to live on the ground, with a grateful and generous heart, walking with my human family half way around the world. I love that the CFCA organization considers itself to be ever evolving, not static, to create new and better ways to address needs. Their model of social justice is one written on our hearts– it is revealed to us through the formation of our relationships with our beneficiaries. As others have said, now it’s up to me to make CFCA better known by sharing their invitation with others, to give hope to our brothers and sisters in desperate need around the globe. And now, I’m ready to add a few more sponsorships to my own account – join me!!

  12. Hi I ran accross CFCA’S site by the Lord’s Grace! I was sponsoring thru Compassion a few yrs ago and gave up my sponsorship. I decided i wanted to check out a catholic one and thats when i found CFCA! An i am so glad i did! I am sponsoring the most addorable little guy from El Savadore I just made my first commenttment and for his birthday fund The people a CFCA are total angels!! Thank you so much and for allowing me sponsor such a cute little boy :)

  13. I began my journey with CFCA while I was in college. My parents sponsored a young child, and encouraged me to do the same. Being that I was a broke college student, $30 seemed a lot at the time. However, I realized that what $30 did to me was not nearly what it could do for someone in poverty. I resolved to do whatever it took to always have at least $30 in my bank account for sponsorship. Since then, I cannot even begin to describe the amazing feeling of sponsorship. The small sacrifice I made, made a world of a difference to my sponsor friend from the Philippines. She told me I helped her graduate college. Not just by the monetary help, but by knowing that a complete stranger from the U.S. was rooting for her to finish. She now is proud to tell me she has a full-time job and can help support her family.
    When my sponsor friend no longer needed support, I decided to sponsor 2 more children. I have one boy in Honduras and one girl in Chile. I am planning on attending one of CFCA’s mission trips to Honduras to meet him. I am so excited to see in person the incredible things the foundation does for mankind.
    Being a sponsor is the most rewarding and joyful experience. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

  14. The last year has been an amazing journey for me. Last Nov. I started RCIA classes because of the faith of one special little boy I’d taken guardianship of. April I was Baptized and Conf. by June I was a Eucharist Minister :). This Christmas Eve. that 7 yr old boy and I went on to buy a set of Chickens, pigs, bibles and water filter for Asia. Then decided we would sponsor a child. He was the 4th picture I saw and loved baseball and thought he may want to be a pastor, he had a lot in common with my boy, then I looked at his name and his 1st name is my boys last name! I told my husband it was fate and we sponsored him that night. On New Years Eve we decided to sponsor another child from here. We are excited to help their family, their children, to learn of their culture and to even visit (this is the ONLY sponsorship program I found that made this reasonably possible). I hope my boy will grow up knowing them both. We are suppose to be gods feet and hands and this is our way of doing so. For anyone considering it I urge you to pick a child. For as little as a cup of coffee a day WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

    1. I loved your heartfelt post about your sponsored children. If all the world thought and acted as you, we would have complete peace and understanding in the humand race.
      God Bless and welcome to the Catholic Church :-)

  15. I just got my first letter from my sponsered child and it is a great experince. I wish all those kids could be sponsered but I know they cant. I think everyone should sponser a child. Just think if you couldnt provide for your child. It would the wrost feeling in the world. Thank you so much CFCA for giving my the greastest felling ever, knowing that you can help provide for a child and become their friend.

    God Bless you all!

  16. I sponser a child because it changes lives. The children are so cute and to here there storys it just breaks your heart. Everyone should sponser a child because no one should have to live in poverty. Please think about sponsering a child. And even if you cant sponser a child keep those living in poverty in your minds, hearts, and prayers.
    May God bless you.

  17. We just returned from our first Mission Awareness Trip to Guatemala. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. We had been sponsoring a young boy for several years and it was the first time we had met him and his mother and father. Even if you don’t have a sponsored child, it is so worthwhile to see the work that CFCA is accomplishing. Throughout the trip we felt safe and well taken care of by the CFCA staff. Every place we visited, we felt God’s love radiating through the sponsored families. We felt inspired to sponsor another child, a 5-yr. old girl in Costa Rica which we visited right after Guatemala. Visiting with each sponsored child and their families was a treasured memory.

    Rich & Fran Walden, Sterling Hts., MI 10/30/11

  18. My husband and I sponsor a child because our children are grown. We have 7 grandchildren, and our sponsored son’s picture sits with theirs.
    A visiting priest said mass in our parish and brought CFCA sponsorship packages. When I found out that overhead cost was only 8%, I was thrilled.
    We have so much and we feel this is a wonderful way to fulfill the Corporal Acts of Mercy.

  19. What a wonderful idea to sponsor a child so an only child can develop a caring and concerned relationship with another child. Even though a sponsored child lives so far away and lives in circumstances far different from the one our child enjoys, a bond can be formed where they can relate as only children can through shared interests and curiosity. The sponsored child can benefit from letters offering positive reinforcement and encouragement. At the same time, it’s a perfect opportunity for our child to grow in kindness, develop an awareness of the needs of others less fortunate, and hopefully, in his/her time contribute to making the world a better place for all. God bless you for sharing your sponsorship story.

  20. When my own daughter was small, she didn’t like the idea of being an only child, and was always telling me that she wanted a little sister or brother. I knew that was not to be, and when I found out about CFCA, that became a way to sort of give her what she wanted.

    I began sponsoring Mabel, a little girl from the Philippines, about twenty five years ago. When she grew up and left the program, CFCA introduced me to another young lady, Maricel, also from the Philippines, whom I sponsored for a short time, before she likewise left the program. I am currently sponsoring RhenaLyn, who is nine years old, and I hope to be able to continue corresponding with her until she reaches adulthood.

    I am always amazed at how grateful these children are for simple things—food, clean water, basic school supplies, a birthday party, an encouraging letter, or a couple of photos. The most difficult thing for me is having to say good-bye, especially when the child decides that she needs to give up on her dream of finishing school in order to work to help support her family.

    I will probably never get to go on a Mission Awareness Trip, but I hope to continue sponsoring children through CFCA for the rest of my life.

  21. My wife and I started to sponsor a female child in Dec 2002 from the Philippines and in Aug 2003 we started to sponsor another female child from Bolivia. We wanted to hopefully make a difference in their lives and the lives of their families. Many are poor and cannot afford school supplies or clothes or even to go to school. Our sponsorship hopefully allows these children to grow up as children. I challenge other sponsors to pass the word to friends, relatives, and coworkers. Let’s get more sponsors for these precious children.

  22. This sponsorship helps me live my faith and do what God asks us all to do. The happiness in the letters from my child of having education, a little extra food and shoes! Such items so many of us take for granted.
    If you have no faith at all and someone asked you for shoes to wear would you have no compassion to give them a pair to wear? It gives me great pleasure to know I could possibly help someone like this for the little they need. For the less fortunate this gives them great hope to break a poverty cycle.

  23. It seemed like the right thing to do when we began to sponsor Lilliam 7 years ago. It was not until I went on my first MAT to Nicaragua that I began to realize the impact of sponsorship on the families that are sponsored thru CFCA. We have changed the life of this family and they now have hope for a better future. Lilliam is the first child in her family to attend high school. God willing she will graduate next year. The joy that Sponsorship has brought into my life has been multiplied as we now sponsor 5 children. The money that we spend monthly on sponsorship has been the best investment we have ever made.

  24. My family and I went on the Mission Awareness Trip to Costa Rica in March 2011. During the trip I came to understand why it seemed to take so long for letters/packages to make it to our sponsored child. Not-to-mention the wait for a reply.

    Here is what I learned:

    1. There is not any postal service to the villages.

    2. There are 8 CFCA staff for the entire country. In addition to managing the variety of projects; they will deliver letters/packages when they can or they hand them off to a representative from the village who is in San Jose’.

    3. The need for more translators to handle translating letters between the sponsors and the sponsored.

    4. The guidelines concerning package size seems to have more to do with internal logistics (see number 2 above) than it does “government import issues”

    1. Thanks so much, Craig, for your comment. From time to time, we hear from sponsors who wonder why it takes so long for letters to reach their friend.

      We’re happy to share that we are implementing a new initiative designed to help speed up the translation of letters.

      We’ve recently linked our project in San Jose, Costa Rica, to an online translation hub. Here CFCA communication centers with extra translation capacity can help translate letters. This should assist the project with the volume of letters needing translation.

      As you noted, packages present great logistical challenges. In addition, staff members in almost every country have reported the high custom fees often associated with larger packages. Thatís why we have guidelines to help avoid extra fees and dedicate our resources wherever they’re most needed.

      We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop ways to make the letter process faster. Thanks again!

      ~CFCA in Kansas City

  25. I started sponsoring a child names Moulika from India four years ago and they have been the most rewarding years of my life. She was nine at the time and in November 2010 she will be 13 years old and wants to be an Engineer when she grows up. I believe she will be. I was fortunate to be able to go visit her recently and see how she and her family live. I believe that God put me on this earth to help people. I have always felt that way but He moved me in a great way when the time was right to pick this little girl. The rewards are much more than I can even put into words.

  26. i’m a former poster child of Judith. I’ve a member of this foundation for almost nine years or so… Well i would like to thanks her and to her whole family who support me and my family. CFCA helps with my studies,…

    wherever you are my deepest thanks and prayer to you and to your family.I wish you find a time to read my message.


  27. I sponsored MaryJane from the Phillipines for over 8 years who recently graduated and no longer needs assistance, so I chose a teenage girl to continue with my sponsorship. I think that this is such a good cause. My husband and I are blessed with four healthy children and it is such a small contribution to help make another child’s life better.

    1. Joanne,
      Hi! I am a seventh grader in Louisville! I am doing a speech on CFCA because I sponsor a girl too! Would you mind if I used your name and this past comment in my speech? Please, it would be mega helpful! My teacher says I need a quote to put in my piece! THANKS –Rachel

  28. I sponsor five children. I started back in 2001 when a priest came to our parish. First, I started with a girl named Nicole. She let the program a few years later becomes her family situation had improved. Next, I sponsored Viviana and since then went on to sponsor four other children, Lisandra, Catarina Estella, and Jayvie. The first year I started sponsoring a child, my daughter, who was about eight years old, received a lot of money from family members on Christmas Day. That evening she came to me and said ìI do not need anything. Can I give my money to a poor child?î I sat back in my chair completely surprised that this child would give up all of her Christmas money. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. My daughter said ìyes.î Later, she asked her sister to help sponsor a child with her and she agreed. I explained to my daughters that once you decide to sponsor a child it is a long time. Since that day, they have sponsor a girl named Kenya and have created a wonderful relationship with her through letters. By sponsoring Kenya, my daughters have learned many lessons. For instance, these children are happy with many things that we take for granted. A simple letter means so much to these children. I am glad that the priest came to our church that day because our lives have been change forever.

  29. I was 10 years old when a CFCA representative came to my church and set up a table with dozens of packets spread across it, each packet containing a mini bio about a different child up for sponsorship. Out of curiousity, I began to read through some of the bios, and after only a couple, I found one–Jose, a Salvadorian boy the same age as me, whose favorite hobby was also soccer, and favorite subjects were Math and Science, just like me. I asked my parents if we could sponsor him, and they agreed it might be a good thing.

    I went home that day and already started to write my first letter. To me, this boy wasn’t just some random stranger, I could already tell we were meant to be friends. We wrote letters back and forth constantly. In the summer of 2006, my parents and I went to El Salvador with CFCA to meet Jose. Despite the language barrier and never having met before, we hit it off right away. We even took the initiative to organize a game of soccer among all the children and their sponsors! At the end of the day, when it was time to leave, Jose shared a poem about friendship he had written for me, and with tears in our eyes, we said goodbye. It has been ten years since I started writing Jose, and we are still write eachother. He is now attending the University thanks to the sponsorship money I give. My family has also since started sponsoring a few other children and elderly through CFCA.

    These people won’t just become your friends, they will become your family. Human presense is just as much of a need as food or water, and that’s exactly what you can provide and receive in return through sponsorship. You will feel the love and appreciation in every letter, and with every thought and prayer for your sponsor friend. And if you have kids, I highly suggest considering this. It is such a great way to begin raising generous, caring children with a global awareness, and it is something they will take with them for the rest or their lives.

    Sponsoring a child or aging isn’t just about the money you give, or simply feeding a family half way across the world, it’s about building relationships, and spreading love. It’s the perfect Christian response.

    1. Dear Lauren,
      You are such a testement to what sponsorship is all about, I loved your story and God Bless you and many others who have found it in their hearts to help those so much in need of a helping hand and a friend to share their lives with.
      Sponsorship for me has also been a very rewarding expierence and I’m looking forward to someday meeting my sponsored child.
      Nancy Maira

  30. We heard about CFCA from a mission priest and God gave us Amarilis in Guatemala that night. She was 5 yrs. old. Letters from her mother were like Christmas every 2 months. They brought us so much joy that we then received Erick. He was 4. IN 1999 we went to San Lucas Toliman in Guatemala for a MAT and met both children and one parent each. What joy. She was 9 and he was 5. A couple years later we added Luis and in 2003 we met all 3 children and their parents and some siblings in San Lucas Toliman and had a joyous time with our extended family. Along the way, we added an elderly lady in El Salvador, who then died and we got another one, who moved out of the project and now have a 75 yr. old lady in Colombia. Henry Flores in El Salvador was the one who made us realize that children aren’t the only needy ones, but the elderly live precarious lives, too. What Bob Hentzen, board and staff do is truly miraculous. We have been blessed continually by the love and letters from these loved ones. Our Godchildren are now 20, 17 and 16 and our little girl is now a mom. Thank you CFCA!

  31. CFCA has allowed us to provide direct help to a Guatemalan family in need for nearly 15 years now. Our first adopted girl has graduated from school and become a teacher. We encourage her two sisters through our sponsorship to do well in school. The children are so thankful for the support and it is really such a small way of doing good in the world. There is no better feeling that knowing that a small poor child in a faraway place sleeps better at night knowing that someone far away cares for them.

  32. I have been sponsoring since approx. 2003. Over these seven years I have met the greatest people, the people of the countries I sponsor in. I have made many new friends, many that I have stayed in touch with. Bob and Cristina are the best people. I always enjoy seeing them on MATs. My sponsored friends are always smiling when I go to visit them. We are both happy to see each other. After the first child was sponsored it just kept growing. Now there are five and I have visited three of them. I plan on seeing all of them and, who knows, maybe more will be added. CFCA has been great for me.

  33. CFCA is among the best-run charities in the world. The program is on-the-mark in terms of providing opportunities for education, health and spiritual support. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to directly touch the lives of those we sponsor, through the letters we exchange. It’s a wonderful way to be a blessing to those who need our support to redirect their lives on a path of self-reliance and faith. We started sponsoring about 15 years ago, and currently sponsor 5 children. We love CFCA!

  34. My husband and I decided to sponsor a child when a priest spoke at our church. I had been thinking about doing this for a while, not knowing how to do it. Listening at mass, it was if he was talking directly to me. God has blessed us and we wanted to share this with others. We sponsored William Paul, a boy in the Philippines. After about two years, we received a heart breaking note from the coordinator that his family had to move quickly, so he was no longer in the program. We then sponsored another boy in the same project, Paul Anthony. We write to him about three times a year and get wonderful letters from him. We now sponsor a second boy, Marwin, that our nephew writes to. We wanted him to see that there were children who weren’t as blessed as he is. When our nephew turned 8, we told him of “Win” and asked if he wanted to write to him. That night, he took his blanket to his mom and asked if he could send it to Win because he was afraid he did not have one. We told our nephew that we would take him to meet Win one day, which will really open his eyes. Our 7 year old nephew is also looking forward to when he will also get the opportunity. As long as we are here and physically able to sponsor, we will. I pray each night for our 5 boys, William Paul (wherever he is), Paul Anthony, Win and our 2 nephews as they are all our family.

  35. I got my first job when i turned 16, seven years ago. A couple of weeks after I started (the week i got my first paycheck) a priest visited my church, and told us all about CFCA. I remember sitting there listening to him, and thinking wow! I have enough money to help someone! That feeling is amazing! I started out sponsoring one child, and now that my job pays more than fast food did, I am able to sponsor two children. I love being able to know every day when I go to work, it’s not just for me or for the kids in my class, every day I am working to help two children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to eat well or go to school. And that is amazing!

  36. I see sponsorship not only as a chance to connect with people from around the world, but also as an investment in our future. These kids WILL change the world.

  37. My husband and I sponsor children and an aging woman because we believe that we are called to “love our neighbors as ourselves”.
    Now that we have been sponsoring for more that 13 years we have found that when they have problems and tell us about them we can write to encourage them and pray.
    However, the best gift is their care and love that continues to come in prayer and letters. We think of each other each day. We are family, we are neighbors..

  38. Words can’t express how wonderful it feels to get letters from my sponsered child Karen in Guatemala.
    This expierence has rocked my world and brought joy to my life.
    I hope to someday make a mission trip to visit her and her family.
    Life is too short not to share it with the poor and change their life for the better. God Bless CFCA!
    Mother Teresa said it well:
    “The problem with the world is that we have forgotten that we belong to each other!”

  39. We were approached by a visiting priest who brought this program to our Church. He shared with us all about these children and families and all they experience. Made us realize how fortunate we are here and in all we have. We complain about a lot of things but don’t realize the little things complained about are a big thing for those men, women and children who are suffering more than us. It’s a wonderful feeling for the gift of giving! It is what God is calling us to do. Knowing that we can help makes us happy. We are blessed and grateful that we have the means to give to our adopted child and we are able to make this donation whole heartedly. God Bless!

  40. We sponsor three children (in school) and three young adults (who are finishing their education). It all started when we found CFCA, a non-profit organization (with low overhead) that doesn’t try to force Hindus to become Christian, Catholics to evangelicals, etc. The CFCA agenda is simple, helping families. I originally thought it would be good for my teen daughter to relate to another girl across the world, and it has been great for her. But in the internet age, I have to say that NOTHING brightens my day more than getting a letter and/or a photo from a sponsored friend. That’s because Teresa, Dayana, Alma, Njeri, Lucy, and Amutha are part of our extended world-wide family.

  41. My wife and I sponsor five children, one in India, one in Guatemala, one in Bolivia and two in Costa Rica. We feel blessed and honored to be able to assist these hard-working children who want nothing more than to better their lives and those of their families. I can’t imagine a more relevant, and satisfying charitable experience than CFCA. The love we receive from the kids alone makes it all worth it. We will and do recommend CFCA to anyone capable of helping the lives of others.

  42. God has blessed me with many blessings and I wanted to share with others. I’ve gained a feeling of satisfaction in sharing with Mary Jane these past 4 1/2 years. Her appreciation makes me want to continue to share with her to make it possible for her to have some of her needs met. I have more peace of mind in giving and also in writing letters to her. I enjoy receiving her letters also.

  43. My daughter and I sponsored a child from Guatamala about five or more years ago. CFCA came to our church and gave speeches after each mass. The speaker gave us alot of information and it definitely sounded interesting. We both are glad we picked Magdalena and still feel it was an omen. After mass, they had a table full of packets for sponsoring. Regina and I picked a girl since we could relate better to a girl than a boy. It was definitely meant to be. Magdalena was born on the same day as my daughter but a year earlier. We were so shocked and said this was meant to be. It has been a blessing to do this and we are so excited to receive mail from Magdalena. We haven’t personally met her but we think of her as our family. We love to send her things and send letters and just love hearing from her. CFCA even sends you an update how she is doing in school and how her family is doing. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  44. Never having had children of my own, this seemed like a great way to make a difference in the life of a child. I received my first sponsee in 1996. She was 8. Though she and I never met, I feel like I grew up along with her.Lucia is now 22 and married. After her father died in the late 1990’s I was able to also start sponsoring one of her sisters. So it was a real family affair! (For awhile I had three girls that I was sponsoring, but am now back down to two.) I am still sponsoring Lucia’s sister Regina, who is such a precious young woman with a heart of gold. My other sponsee, Daniela, is 14 and is now finally able to write letters to me on her own. God Bless her aunt for always writing to me for her while she was still learning to do so. CFCA is such an awesome organization to be involved with. I feel blessed to have made such wonderful acquaintances with my Guatemalan Girls.

  45. Ever since I was a little child I have always wanted to help people. Now that I am an old lady sponsoring children from their pre-teen years until they reached adulthood makes me feel like I’m helping and watching grandchildren with their lives, so that they can be the best that they can be, and help this war-torn world to a horizon of peace and love.

  46. After WW2 my parents and I were immigrants from Poland via England. I was a sickly, weak child and my father was a wounded RAF pilot. South Africa welcomed us with open arms and gave us a wonderful new start in life. After 12 years I went to graduate school in the US and then stayed here. I now take every opportunity to give back to the poorest in South Africa (through Missionaries of Charity) and elsewhere in Africa (CFCA Kenya). It is my prayer that CFCA will start a project in South Africa.

  47. Hi, I have been sponsoring for about 14 years now. God has blessed me with an adundance of blessings in many different ways. I wanted to see others have an opportunity to suceed also. I started out by sponsoring two children. After my first MAT trip I added a few more children. Now I sponssor 14 children, including a second generation of sponsorship. I also give back by being an advocate for CFCA. I feel like CFCA is the best charity available that meets and exceeds my expectations for a charity. For those that have never met your sponsored child or aging I recommend you signup for one of the MAT trips. It will change your life forever. For those that want to do more than sponsoring I would recommend becoming an advocate for CFCA. As sponsors we can be the voice of those living in extreme poverty. We have an opportunity to help others enjoy a better life. I would be happy to share ideas concerning the ways I am an advocate for CFCA. Feel free to contact me. God bless all!

  48. I began to sponsor because I wanted to share the blessings that God had given me. Guess what? You can’t out give God, He gave me more blessings. LOVE of and for two little girls that I will likely never meet but love as long as I live. One of my little girls isn’t in the program anymore but is always in my thoughts and prayers. It isn’t likely I will ever meet either one of these girls but it is possible to love some one you never met. I am forever grateful to God for giving me these girls.

  49. I sponsor an aging person in Honduras. I have been sponsoring Antolina for 2 1/2 years. I started sponsoring her right after my mother died in honor of her and in her memory. My mom died at 92 and was quite ill for a very long time. I wanted to help another aging woman who didn’t have the resources we have in the USA so she wouldn’t have to suffer for a lack of necessities in addition to advancing years. I enjoy her letters and her pictures. I feel this is an extremely wonderful program and the personal contact with the sponsored friend is fantastic!

  50. Sponsoring children through CFCA is a way of doing GOD’S WORK. For 20 years my husband and I have looked forward to the letters and photos, and watched our “God Children” grow and develop into adults. Our first was Rosa, then came Daysi. While visiting Daysi with CFCA in 2008 in Bolivia I saw Camelia and just knew we should sponsor her. This December my husband and I will journey back to Bolivia with CFCA to see Camelia again. The next visit will be to El Salvador to meet Dalia our newest young “God Child”. Notice that each of their names is a flower!
    We provide nourishment for God’s Flowers to bloom and grow.
    Thank you CFCA for providing the way that our meager gifts can directly reach ” God’s Flowers”.

  51. My sponsored friend is Lidia of the Valparaiso Project in Valparaiso, Chile. Initially, when the CFCA organization came to our church in Columbus, Nebraska in 2003, I thought it would be great to sponsor a child. However, when looking thru the packets, I noticed several elderly people waiting for sponsorship. When I saw that Lidia’s birthday is the same as my deceased grandmother, I knew it was a sign that I should pick her. It has been such a rewarding experience getting to know this wonderful woman, who just turned 81, and her family. They have so little and are so grateful for the help I can give to them. I have learned so much about her country and I am blessed to have her in my life. I would very much like to visit her sometime. Meeting her and her family would be a dream come true for me. I just recently chose another friend to sponsor. His name is Wilder – a 6 year old boy from Guatemala. And, I chose him because his birthday is the same day as our wedding anniversary…another sign from God that this was the right thing to do! I pray for these people all the time and hope our relationship via mail will continue for many years. Thank you CFCA for making it all possible.

  52. My husband and I sponsor five people. We have sponsored Merry Grace a child in the Philippines and Rafaela an aging person in Guatemala since 2001. In 2009 we went to the Philippines to meet Merry Grace. This was a life changing event, seeing first hand the poverty and how much our sponsorship meant to her and her family. We decided to sponsor her two younger sisters Merry Dee and Merry Joy and another little boy in India, his name is Pavan.
    We are assisting Merry Grace with her dream to be a math and science teacher, she is starting her third year in college. We hope to go back and see her and her family again in a couple years.
    We also hope to go to Guatemala and meet Rafaela, she turns 91 this year. This is a great sponsorship program and also a great way to teach your children about other parts of the world and how fortunate they are to have what they have.

  53. I am sponsoring a little girl named Anabel and i have been giving her money and writing her her for about a year now.I haven’t actually gotten to go see her but i want to sometime in the next few years.When I chose to sponsor this little girl i had a feeling that what i was about to do was the right thing.It turns out my feeling was right.Now i just hope that Anabel and her family are doing better that what they were doing when I had just started sponsoring Anabel.

  54. My husband and I sponsor Maria who lives in Guatemala. I have had her for about 8 years and I have been able to actually go to San Lucas and meet with Maria and her parents. It is the most rewarding experience i have had and she is now in 7th grade and loves school. She wants to finsih school and be a teacher. We are so happy to know that Maria and her family appreciate the help and it means I think as much to ys as it does to them. I feel very blessed to be a part of her life and asctually see her. Getting the letters and pictures are so exciting and I am so glad we are able to be a part of this wonderful program. It is worth every penny. Blessings to you all. Truly consider this experieince and I know you too will feel rewarded for this.

    1. I agree with your comments. I just came back from a trip to Guatemala where I met my children and their families. It was an experience of a lifetime. I am currently trying to draw more sponsors to CFCA.

  55. My wife picked up the sponsorship package and said “I believe that God wanted us to sponsor this child” That was 7 years ago. I believe that not only God wanted us to do it, but it was the right thing to do.

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