Jul 15 2010

Why do you sponsor with CFCA?

CFCA takes a very grassroots approach to spreading the word about our Hope for a Family sponsorship program. We donít spend a lot of money on advertising to find new sponsors (in fact, fundraising only totals 3.2 percent of our expenses). Consequently, that also means we rely on the enthusiasm of our sponsors to share CFCA with others by talking about their sponsorship experience.

We have approximately 270,000 sponsors, and we want to hear from you. Why do you sponsor with CFCA? What would you tell others about sponsoring through CFCA? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

66 thoughts on “Why do you sponsor with CFCA?”

  1. Am a boy from Kenya in Africa, secondary student, doing my Final Exams this year. Am a CFCA beneficiary. I love this organisation and I pray GOD that He wil bless them all the time it is of Great Impact to my life.

  2. After my conversion, I read a book by Father Larry Richards called Surrender. In it, Fr. Richards speaks about getting involved in helping others by sponsoring a child, and although he does not mention CFCA, I actively looked for a way to help. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I found CFCA and my wife and I began sponsoring a child. We lovingly give the little we can to a child in need and keep her and her family in our prayers. Helping others is a blessing and CFCA’s programs are examples of the powerful witness of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a pleasure to give and live the Gospel of our Lord. May God bless you all.

  3. This summer i went on a mission trip with my school to El Salvador. There, I visited a community of single mothers and their families.

    I have never been welcomed so beautifully.

    Not even in my own home, and my family loves me so much! The community, despite their daily struggle to feed their families, gathered money to buy balloons, supplies to make signs, and ribbon to tie the most beautiful flowers that they gathered and arranged themselves! The children of the community came and gave us the flowers, hugging and kissing us, and in that instant, for the first time, I felt the connection of humanity, which CFCA brings us to.

    Different families volunteered to give us tours of their homes. Despite the poverty they were living in, they were so proud of their homes, so joyful to have visiters-all the way from America! I felt so welcome. We sat on the cement outside that served as a porch and a staff member translated for us as we had the most amazing conversation. The family was so thankful that we had come to visit their home. “My house is your house,” said the mother. She has two daughters, after we left I asked if I could sponsor one. While I was waiting for the answer, I was able to watch others in my group meet their sponsor children, some for the first time, others for the fourth. I cannot quite describe that day; except that I have never seen so much love in one place.

    The next day my sponsorship was confirmed, and the staff at CFCA invited Brenda and her family to come have lunch with me. Meeting her again as her sponsor was the most wonderful gift. We played together, she gave me a bunch of flowers, saying she wanted to pick all the flowers for me. She wanted glasses like mine, so we made her a pair out of pipe cleaners. Her sister drew me a picture of a house, and we made tortillas out of playdough. This three-year-old girl and her family bring me more joy than I could ever tell. Saying goodbye to her was probably the hardest thing I have ever done, and I couldn’t stop crying as she gave me kisses and hugs, and her older sister and mother hugged me, telling me they hoped I could visit again next year.

    Two weeks ago I got my first letter from Brenda’s mother. She says that Brenda asks for me everyday and that their family prays for me every night. I sponsored Brenda thinking I would be helping her; instead, I have been given more than I could ever repay.
    Thank you, CFCA <3.

  4. I sponsor 2 children in the Philippines. God brought them to me to help. Although I have concerns with the typhoon that hit today, I know that the CFCA is going to be there throughout the entire time to help. This is the best charity I have EVER been a part of and the connections you feel with just knowing you are helping a child in need is unbelievable. This is such a great organization and I will do whatever I can to help. I wish I could sponsor all them. But the 2 I got right now are a blessing to my life thanks to the CFCA :)

    1. Thank you Brad for such glowing praise. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the Philippines. We are very blessed that the reports we received from our staff there over the weekend has indicated that all of the sponsored members are safe.

      Thank you so much for all the help you are offering.

      -Jordan Kimbrell, CFCA Writer/Editor

  5. We have been deeply touched by Kimberly, our sponsored child for over 17 years (since September 1996). Through the years, Kimberly’s faithful, faith-filled & loving correspondence has been inspiring for us. She writes several times a year. Her letters tell of her daily life & schoolwork. She shares her struggles & accomplishments. Through these beautiful letters, Kimberly has become a part of our family. Kimberly lives in the Philippines and we are very concerned for her and her family.

    Kimberly uses the funds from our sponsorship for school supplies & uniforms. She has worked very hard & is finishing her last semester of college. We are very proud of Kimberly & grateful to be part of her life. Sponsoring her has been one of the most rewarding choices we have made.

    Because we have been so strongly impacted by our sponsorship of Kimberly, for Christmas we are sponsoring friends for our two youngest children, ages 14 and 15. Hopefully, they will have the opportunity to share with their sponsored friends for many years to come.

  6. My husband David and I live in New York City. When we first married we had no interest in having children. However, I have always felt it was my responsibility as a Catholic to help those in need. A month after we married my husband’s company decided that his job would be relocated to Los Angeles. I did not want to move to there. The stress of the move was tearing our new marriage apart. While on a trip to Mexico we visited a Catholic miracles church in Petatlan. We prayed and asked for a miracle that we would somehow not have to move to Los Angeles and that we would continue to have a loving marriage. Within a few months and nothing short of a miracle my husband’s position was kept in New York and we did not move. I decided that I wanted to give back to God for the blessing we received. We decided to sponsor a child from Mexico through CFCA. Our sponsored child was a young boy named Luis from Cuernavaca. We loved the letters, pictures and photos we received from Luis and I waited with anticipation for our next letter. We began to feel a true connection, affection and concern for Luis, his family, and his future. As such an intelligent, motivated, and inspirational boy, we were impressed by everything he wrote in this letters about this ambitions and his success in school. We decided that we needed to meet him and his family. CFCA helped us to make the arrangements for our trip. Our visit far exceeded our expectations. We wanted to do whatever we could do to help him reach his potential. It is around 10 years since we started sponsoring Luis. We are still helping him to reach his educational goals. I feel humbled by our experience as a sponsor. I believe our relationship with him has transformed our lives and pave the way to our desire of adopting a child of our own. We see the hand of God in every aspect of our relationship of our sponsored child as it has strengthened our faith.

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