Jul 14 2010

Uniting the world with a walk

Meet the woman behind the man. Cristina Hentzen, wife of CFCA President Bob Hentzen, is a quiet, strong woman. If Bob is the father of Walk2gether, then she is the mother, caring for Bob and the walkers along the way.

Watch the following video to meet Cristina.

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  1. Christine, How beautiful to see yourself as mother to all those who walk. I pray that someone is mother to you when you need encouragement. iwll continue to pray for you as you walk.

  2. Bello, 21 de julio de 2010

    Hola queridos amigos en Cristo Don Roberto y DoÒa Cristina, y caminantes de la vida, que el Dios que nos une en un solo sentimiento, siga animando y fortaleciendo sus vidas y proyectos, para seguir caminando por los m·s necesitados, gracias por mostrarnos el rostro de Jes˙s, amoroso y cercano, gracias le doy a Dios por la oportunidad que me dio de caminar con ustedes, de descubrir a travÈs de cada paso, lo importante que es caminar con el que nos enseÒo a dar a conocer que la vida es hermosa y que todos estamos llamados a salir al encuentro del hermano, del que necesita de un abrazo, una escucha una sonrisa. Que el SeÒor siga llenando sus vidas de fuerza para seguir apostando por un mundo m·s cercano y mejor.

    un Abrazo les envia la Hna. Conchita, nuestras oraciones como comunidad, rogando a Dios porque todo siga saliendo como todos esperamos. Las Operarias Catequistas, siguen orando por cada paso que dan. Hasta Pronto. NOHORA ELIZABETH





  4. Hola Christina,
    I am so glad that we are seeing and hearing from you. I mentioned to the San Jose office that you should have been mentioned in the newpapers when you were in costa rica, not because your name should have been in print but for the reason that you and Bob are in unity with one another on this walk with and for the poor. Prayers and many blessings for the both of you and all those who walk beside you. Hope to see you when you arrive in Chile.
    Theresa and Steven Howard, Costa Rica (Matthew 5:5 Project)

  5. What an inspiration you are to all of us Dona Cristina! I was in Guatemala for the first day of the walk and my heart is with you everyday as you continue walking. I am with you in Spirit each day and I believe that this walk really DOES have the ability to unite the world. We can all learn to look beyond our differences and to see the ways we can be united …….. in the ways of our Lord, to serve those in need!

  6. Ma’am Cristina, I really love to see you and hear your caring voice that really made me cry.I am really missing you, Sir Bob and the walk team. I know it, I feel it in my heart how you take care of us on the road. I always feel secured like in my own mothers care when I was with you for 5 months and 12 days of walking. Thank you so much our CFCA mother…You and Sir Bob and the walk team are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a safe journey each day.

    God bless,

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