Jul 5 2010

For the strength of the Salvadoran spirit

El Salvador

Tensions continue to rise as the daily violence in El Salvador grows ever more dangerous.

On June 20, that violence impacted the CFCA community when two mass transit buses were attacked. One sponsored child was injured. Her sister and the father of two other sponsored children were killed.

??”The critical condition of the country is creating a tremendous amount of anxiety among the people,” Henry Flores, director of the communication center in El Salvador, said. “In spite of this reality, the spirit of the sponsored families and staff stays strong.”

Please pray
Heavenly Father, we pray for the protection of the Salvadoran people and all those who live in areas of great tension and conflict. Look with compassion upon them as they face violence and injustice, and heal those who have endured harm. Help all of us to learn peaceful ways of solving our earthly problems. Teach us to work toward a more just world. Amen.?

CFCA Prayer Team

Read more about the June attacks on our website.

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