Jul 2 2010

A prayer for freedom

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As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, let us remember those around the world who struggle daily for another kind of freedom: economic freedom.

In CFCA communities around the world, individuals are making sacrifices every day to achieve economic freedom. They are hungry for opportunity and will make heroic efforts to improve life for their families instead of remaining imprisoned by poverty. They walk great distances, study long hours and engage in backbreaking work. They are living examples that the human spirit burns brightly, even in the bleakest of circumstances.

Please pray
Dear Lord, help us to see the blessings and freedoms we enjoy and not take them for granted. Keep ever present in our minds the pleas of our brothers and sisters struggling to break free from poverty. Send your Spirit to work through us to help others develop their talents and become self-reliant. Keep this fire of struggle alive in our hearts until all your people are free from poverty. Amen.


CFCA Prayer Team

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