Jul 1 2010

A carnation for poverty

ClareEarlier this year, Clare Nowalk, 13, was assigned a service project by her teacher. She decided to sell carnations after Mass and host a tie-dye workshop, with proceeds from both activities benefiting CFCA. Her decision was a natural fit said her mother, Jenny. In addition to her family’s sponsorship of a child in Nicaragua, Jenny had started talking about Walk2gether with the family.

“I got really excited about Walk2gether,” Jenny said. “I would follow Walk2gether and read what others had to say. I found the comments so inspiring.”

Clare sold approximately 100 carnations, and spent several hours teaching elementary school students how to tie-dye shirts. Below, you can read what Clare has to say about her activities.

Thank you for your hard work, Clare!

It all started when my teacher assigned our reading class to each do a service project. My family supports a little girl named Jarling through CFCA. I decided that I could help boys and girls like her. My mom and I decided I could sell flowers after church on Valentine’s Day. We earned at least $100, but that was just the beginning. Next, I worked with two seniors from Culver Academies to do a tie-dye workshop at my school. It was a huge success, and a whole lot of fun.

My overall total was at least $700. I enjoyed it a lot. I hope to continue helping others and I want to do the workshop again.

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  1. Clare,
    God has blessed you with a creative mind and a generous heart. What a great way to share your gifts.
    Aunt Sally

  2. I am really impressed with your efforts Clare! What an ambitious project for a 6th grader to undertake. Kudos to you! Keep up the good works.

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