Jun 7 2010

Walk2gether gives staff members a challenge

Dear blog readers,

Sunilde and Judith

Sunilde (left), Barquisimeto project coordinator in Venezuela at the border with Judith, Bogota, Colombia, project coordinator

With an emotional encounter between Colombian and Venezuelan colleagues in Paraguachon, Colombia, Walk2gether ended its time in Venezuela, leaving behind in each of us a process of profound reflection, inspired by shared moments and all the things weíve seen during this long journey.

Also, this encounter between colleagues reaffirms that there are no borders when our unity comes from God. The most important thing is that with this experience, we understand a little more about the challenge set before us by CFCA to give hope to families.

Likewise, the walk allowed us to affirm our own reality in the context of strengths and weaknesses clearly evidenced on the route/trip.

ï Beautiful landscapes
ï The presence of our CFCA families (parents, guardians, boys, girls, teenagers and the elderly), giving us their support and solidarity at all times.
ï The support we received from people and families who arenít a part of the sponsorship program.
ï The logistical support on the part of the sponsored teenagers and scholarship students.

ï The large quantities of trash observed along the route of the walk.
ï Dead animals, the majority of which were run over on the highways.
ï Violence along the roads committed by the drivers of the vehicles.

Challenges raised by the Walk
We are called from this point forward to a series of very significant challenges in our community-level intervention and especially, in our work with CFCA families:

Social challenges
ï Learn to live in community.
ï Respect diversity in its different manifestations: ethnic, political, religious, cultural and others.
ï Relationship with the environment of which we are a part.
ï Emphasize a true culture of peace.
ï Quality education for all.
Challenges to life
ï Respect life. Encourage a culture of life to counter the culture of death that reveals itself to us in the form of violence and threatens individual security.
ï Protection for the lives of animals.
ï Respect for human rights.
Environmental challenges
ï Elimination of trash, starting with the communities where we work.
ï Beautifying the communities.
ï Care and conservation of natural resources.

I say goodbye with sincere thanks for this experience, and for Bob and Cristinaís presence among us as symbols of peace and brotherhood among all people.

Sunilde PÈrez
Barquisimeto Project Coordinator, Venezuela

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