Jun 16 2010

A prayer from the board

Since today is the CFCA board meeting, it is only fitting that we share the following prayer. Each board member was asked to share a hope for Bob while he is walking. The following is a compilation of those wishes from the board members. Eileen Greenlay, one of CFCA’s board members, read it at the Mayan prayer ceremony on the night before Walk2gether’s launch in Guatemala. It’s meant for Bob to carry with him in spirit throughout the walk.

The Chinese proverb says: “A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.” May you walk with a song in your heart.

Since the Word of God is always the same, but ever new to us, a quote from Psalms:
ìI will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living.î Psalm 116

May our Brother be your strength and protection as you walk with his brothers and sisters. Live, Jesus, in our hearts!

May you walk in hope-filled witness, embodying the spirit and faith, the joys and struggles of all who have walked and prayed these paths.

May you walk with the assurance of a daily remembrance in my Mass and prayers that you be blessed with peace and safety as you walk with and for the poor, bringing hope for families.

May you walk … with the sun on your face, with the wind at your back, with peace of mind, and with all of us in your heart.

Que abunda el frijol
Que abunda el maÌz
Y que seas muy feliz
Que abunda el frijol
Que abunda el arroz
Y que te bendiga Dios.

Que Dios te Bendiga! Yo espero que yo puedo unir su viaje siguio el camino. Su amigo tambien.

May the light of God illumine the heart of your soul.
May the flame of Christ kindle you to love.
May the fire of the Spirit free you to live and keep you well on your journey.

~ With Love,
2010 CFCA Board of Directors
Scott Wasserman, Chief Governing Officer
Ed Herman, Treasurer
Rev. Allan Weinert, C.Ss.R., Secretary
Catherine Crosby
Eileen Greenlay
Louis Guillou
Rev. Vince Haselhorst
Anne Ryder
Carolyn Zimmerman

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