May 7 2010

‘The temperature is getting hotter each day’

Veron Telar, project coordinator of Manila, Philippines, has been walking with Bob and the walk team since Walk2gether left Guatemala. Below, she gives us a little update of how the walk in Colombia is going.

We are resting today (Wednesday). We are doing fine here in Colombia. What a best time to rest: we are at the beach right now. So far we have walked 3,162 km since we began in Guatemala. I am looking forward to walking another 1,000 km until June.*

Normally we get up between 2:30 ó 3:00 a.m., depending on the distance that we have to travel to get to the place where we ended the previous day. We basically end at 5 p.m., but the other day, we started at 3 a.m. and finished at 6:45 p.m.

The temperature here is getting hotter each day, as we are walking close to the ocean. We are now here in Magdalena leading to Cartagena. The last week we walked in La Guajira, and the heat was terrible. It seems that we walked in the desert ó about 100 degrees F. But, we survived.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again. I am refueling myself with the fresh fish and rice that we are having these days. Sir Bob, Ma’am Cristina and the team are absolutely doing fine.

*Editor’s note: Veron will return to the Philippines in June.

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  1. Veron,

    Many of my best memories are of meeting you and the other staff on past MAT trips to the Philippines. I’d like to tell you,Paul, Bob and Christina, “thank you for smiles and freindship”. You offer the best gift of all to everyone you meet. You’re all very special. I hope to see everyone again some day. Keep up the good walk. I’ll continue to follow you and CFCA.

  2. Vernon,

    You are a wonderful inspiration. I met you in 2007 when I was on the MAT trip to the Philippines. I have 2 sponsored children in the Legazpi area. It is amazing that you have the strength to do this walk. I know God is with you. God Bless you and the team.

    1. It’s good to see your still active with CFCA. I remimber you from the MAT trip of that year. I’d like to hear how you and your sponsored children are doing Take care. Paul

  3. Keep up the good work! My sponsored child in Venezuela mentioned in his letter that he was looking forward to your visit! It gives his family so much hope.

    I lived in Maracaibo 200-2003 and remeber how hot it got there.I was on the MAT 2008 in both the Philippines and Venezuela and in both places the staff and sponsored families were amazing in their faith which was uplifting to me!

  4. Hi Veron, My husband and I visited you in the Philippines. Our sponsored child is Raffy Salazar. We loved our Philippines trip. Didn’t know you were going to walk part way with Bob. You are so lucky. I just bet it is an amazing journey. Have a wonderful time the rest of the time you are with Bob. I read that you will go home to the Philippines in June. Good luck and our prayers are with you and Bob and everyone for the rest of the trip. Shirley Rowland

    1. Veron and Bob are always in our prayers. Veron did a great job in the Philippines for the 2009 MAT as well as all the other CFCA representatives. It was great meeting Bob, who is a true inspiration for many.

      Shirley, I remember you from the trip. Our sponsored child, Merry Grace, was at the same project as Raffy, We now also sponsor her two younger sisters. It was a great time. June and Bill

  5. Hi Veron,

    This is incredible. You have already walked beyond 3,100 km. I am really touched by your zeal and commitment. I feel so humbled. Keep going on Veron and may God be with you for another 1000 km that you wish to walk on.

    This year CFCA summer camps for children and youth in this part of India have been so vibrant with presentations of Bob’s walk. The youth are feeling so good and proud to be part of this noble CFCA family stirred by the unending footsteps of our inspiration Bob.

    The walking team is remembered everyday in our prayers here. Keep going on.


  6. Veron, It’s good to read your comments. I have been getting letters from my sponcered kids in Nicaragua. They comment on the walk there and how good it was to join in! I pray for you and your family. Best wishes to you as you return home in June, Next may our daughter marries a young man, the son of people born in the Philipeans!
    Tom zidon

  7. Veron,
    You, Bob, Christina, Saresh and the whole gang are truely incredible and a real inspiration to us all. Both yours and Suresh’s videos were great. I hope to make it back to the Philippines. (I was on the 2006 MAT) Say hello to Suresh, I met him in Oct 2003. God Bless. Frank Gebken :)

    1. Frank, I remember you from a trip to Guatemala. Let me know when you go to the Philippines and I’ll try to go also. I have a child in Zamboanga.

      1. Merton,
        Great to hear from you!! Have you been on a Philippines MAT? you would love it. I thought Zamboanga was the highlight of the trip. I’m hoping/praying to make it to this next one in January. Keep in touch brother. :)

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