May 15 2010

Show your family some love

Weekends in May can be busy, with a mixture of graduations, end-of-school preparations and weddings going on. But today, International Family Day, try to take a moment to gather around you those you love, and let them know how much you appreciate them, whether it be a phone call, a high five or a hug.

We’ll leave you with an inspirational story of a strong family, sent to us by the CFCA Quezon project.

This is about how Noemi and her family survived the wrath of ìPepeng,î the typhoon that hit Northern Luzon. It was Oct. 8, when the heavy rains and strong winds started to ravage the town where they lived. The familyís small hut was situated on the hill side. The continuous wind and rain made the family nervous and worried, keeping them all awake.

It was midnight when suddenly they heard a roaring sound coming from the mountain. The father cautioned the family to stay close together and to embrace each other, and they prayed. In a minute, they and their hut were being carried by the mudslide coming from the mountain. Even during that time, they never let go of each other. As they struggled against the falling stones and mud, Noemiís mother seriously injured her arms with a piece of bamboo, but she just ignored it: all she cared about at that time was the safety of her children.

When they were able to come out of their hut, they rushed to their relative’s house for shelter, waiting for the morning to come.

With the projectís aid and with additional assistance from CFCA, the family was able to rebuild a new house and able to start a new life again. With the familyís strong faith and love for each other, they were able to survive the storm that nearly took their lives.

Noemi is a 4th year high school student who has been sponsored since kindergarten.

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