Apr 23 2010

Venezuela murals honor Walk2gether and environment

Walk2gether has left a lasting impact in Venezuela in the form of five murals located along the walk route.

The murals, each about 2 meters by 4 meters, were designed by a sponsored scholar and a CFCA volunteer from Spain. The majority of the work was completed by sponsored youth and scholar students, with some help from parents and CFCA staff.

Working on the CFCA murals in Venezuela

It took one full weekend and nearly 40 gallons of paint to complete the murals. The mural team split into five groups and spent a Saturday sketching the murals and began painting (the surface was prepped the weekend before). They completed the painting the next day.

Venezuela murals, in progress

The murals symbolize scenes from the walk with a focus on nature and the importance of preserving our environment.

The murals focus on nature and protecting the environment.

Sunilde PÈrez, Barquisimeto project coordinator, said of the environmental theme in the murals, “We are all united as one community.”

The central theme of the walk is to remind families that they are not alone. The CFCA familyómade up of sponsors, staff, volunteers and other sponsored membersóis with them every step of the way.

“We are all in this together,” Sunilde said. “Everything that we do has an effect. When the walk passes through, it affects all of us, as well as our environment.”

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  1. los murales hechos por apadrinados y representantes quedaron espectaculares felicitaciones… son unos genios 100% Barquisimeto- Venezuela

  2. Preciosos y significativos esos lindos murales elaborados con amor por los niÒos-as y jÛvenes venezolanos. Dios les bendiga!

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