Apr 15 2010

‘To be more’ is more important than ‘to have more’

Dear sponsors,

We, at the Barquisimeto project, welcomed with special affection our dear friends, Bob and Cristina Hentzen. Their presence among the Venezuelan sponsored members is a solid witness of faith and hope. This movement is being called Walk2gether: together in our joys, together in our sorrows, together in good times, together in bad times.

Therefore, to us, Walk2gether means:

Creating links of unity and brotherhood.

To be witness to life among our sponsored members.

To recognize in each sponsored member their dignity and their right to a life full of opportunities.

To empower all who bring life to the sponsorship program so they may bear faithful witnesses to their own growth and development.

Through these meanings we join in solidarity with Bob when he says, ìBy walking with the poor, we are telling them they are not alone.î

Walk2gether represents a way of faith, solidarity and hope for all of us that are a part of CFCA in Venezuela.

Walk2gether encourages us to see with kind eyes the needs of our people.

Walk2gether is an activity that holds up humanity at all times, above all else. It gives special meaning to CFCAís statement that ìto be moreî is more important than ìto have more.î

Sunilde PÈrez
Project Coordinator
Barquisimeto, Venezuela

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