Apr 22 2010

The Rain Forest

Maria Alejandra VillalobosOne morning, as Walk2gether was winding its way through a rain forest in Costa Rica, MarÌa Alejandra Villalobos, the 11-year-old daughter of Rafa, San Jose project coordinator, was inspired by the forest’s natural beauty. She penned a poem and presented it to Bob Hentzen.

We translated her poem to English for you but included the Spanish version, too. Happy Earth Day!

The Rain Forest
by Maria Alejandra Villalobos

There is not a sound nor is life visible,
Only a symphony of rain drops with a plic plac sound …

Many colors canít be seen, only a deep natural green but, once in a while,
A little colorful flower gives life to the landscape …

There are different shades of leaves, large, small and coiled
Trees, with their chests held high, show their beauty …

The flora is striking in its natural green
And the moss offers a beautiful coat to the proud trees …

Far ahead a calf is grazing up in the mountain
A very straight pine tree firmly holds its acorns …

It is then when a soft wind can be felt,
The leaves wave from side to side …

The monkeys and squirrels are sleeping in the trees
Waiting for their reward in the form of a beautiful rainbow.

El Bosque Lluvioso
por Maria Alejandra Villalobos

No hay ruido ni tampoco se ve vida
Solo se oye la sinfonÌa de las gotas de lluvia que caen suavemente haciendo plic plac …

No se ven muchos colores, solo un verde natural, aunque, de vez en cuando,
Una florecilla colorada le da vida al lugarÖ

Hay distintas formas de hojas, grandes, cortas y enrolladas
Hay ·rboles que con su pecho en alto muestran su belleza …

La flora se resalta en su verde natural
Y los musgos verdes le dan un hermoso abrigo a los ·rboles grandes …

A lo lejos se ve una vaquita pastando en la montaÒa
Un pinito parado bien derechito mantiene con firmeza sus bellotas …

Cuando se viene una r·faga de viento las hojas, amarradas de sus raÌces,
Se ondulan de lado a lado

Los monos y las ardillas duermen en lo ·rboles
Esperando de recompensa un lindo arcoÌris.

0 thoughts on “The Rain Forest”

  1. Maria,
    It was so beautiful, the world needs poets like you. Give your wonderful inspiration to the world, we need it!
    You are lovely,
    Colleen Llywelyn

  2. Maria, Such a beautiful poem! You are a talented writer….I felt like I was in the rainforest when I read your poem. I have a picture of you in the rainforest with your family which I took on the MAT in November. Thank you for sharing your writing. Say hello to your family. Marie Cole

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