Apr 12 2010

Shining example of compassion

Carolyn and Pedro FerradasWe recently lost Carolyn Ferradas, a dear member of our CFCA family, to breast cancer. Carolyn and her husband, Pedro, traveled Latin America, training and supporting CFCA project staff, and attending mission awareness trips when needed. When they weren’t traveling, they lived near the San Jose project in Costa Rica. Carolyn was a shining example of the true meaning of CFCA’s community of compassion.

Rafa Villalobos, San Jose project director and close friend of Carolyn and Pedro, wrote a touching tribute to our friend Carolyn.

Thank you, Carolyn.
For letting yourself be molded by the poor, just like clay in the hands of the potter
For experiencing mercy and then sharing it
For bringing happiness and hope to the faces of so many children and families
For bringing light into many homes
For instilling in yourself a path of love, radiating a goodness without limits
For teaching us through example that we are created for great things, to love and to be loved
For being so persistent in saying that we must go to the roots of CFCA for the tree of this foundation to give real fruits
For living such a painful illness with profound peace and trust in the Good Father
For continuing, from heaven, to encourage and strengthen those of us here on Earth.

Carolyn and Pedro Ferradas

As we mourn for Carolyn, we also want to remember those who have lost their battle against this disease, and offer comfort to their loved ones still remaining on Earth.

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