Apr 19 2010

CFCA connects people

When Walk2gether started, we wanted a way to let the entire CFCA community encourage Bob, the Walk2gether team and of course, the CFCA families we serve.

So we set up a page on our blog where everyone can leave messages of support and encouragement to Bob, the Walk2gether team and their sponsored friends. Many people have done just that. Some messages are in Spanish, some in English, some are from sponsors and some are from project staff members. The messages are personal, caring and inspirational, but this one left by Ted Dauphin especially caught our attention:

“Hello Bob, Wishing you the best and many prayers each day you walk. A bit of inspiration for you. 4 years ago I went on my first MAT (mission awareness trip) and saw your love and compassion for others. I thought to myself that one day I wanted to be like you. Not long ago I received a letter from the 9 year old boy (Alfredo) I sponsor in El Salvador. He said “dear sponsor one day I wish to be like you.” I thought that was nice. Then he said, “I wish to help people like you do.” I was amazed a young boy could understand that. Then I realized what I saw in you 4 years ago, Alfredo sees in me. And one day others will see in Alfredo. That is an example of how CFCA connects all people together. May God continue to bless you with many blessings!” ó Ted Dauphin

Talk about inspiring! Thanks for sharing, Ted.

Head on over to the Walk2gether tab, read what others have to say and leave your own message. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. Hola Bob and All,
    I am sending you all love and hoping you are doing well. It was Mothers Day yesterday and I was counting all my blessings. The gifts you and your organization give to all of our lives are among the best of them. I enjoy every article or video I can get of your walk. It really makes me feel a part of it. You are doing this for all of us! Be Happy, Be Healthy!
    Love, Colleen

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