Mar 23 2010

A Teacher’s story: Where there is a will, there is a way

Joey of the Philippines is a fourth-grade teacherThis is a story of Jose Marie V. Camargo (Joey, as he is fondly called), a fourth-grade teacher in Quezon Project. He was sponsored for 12 years and assisted by CFCAís scholarship program from 2003 to 2007. Joey was first introduced in the 2010 Spring edition of The Scholar.

The lesson that I share with my class is, ìWhere there is a will, there is a way.î Success is everyoneís dream in life, and this is what everybody wants; however, only few achieve it.

I come from a family of six. My mother is a housewife, while my father works in school maintenance. I am the eldest among four siblings ñ two brothers and one sister. When I was a child, I thought I couldnít attend school because of financial constraints, but upon my sponsorship with CFCA, everything became possible. I was born with a handicap, but this has not stopped me, rather, it has pushed me to fulfill my dreams.

I am presently working as a private-school teacher. I teach fourth graders mathematics and computers. I finished business education at one of the state universities in the Philippines.

I was able to get through college with the assistance of the CFCA Scholarship Program. The scholarship helped me pay for my school expenses, such as tuition, books and uniforms. Aside from financial aid, the services* I rendered to the community and CFCA developed my skills, talents and knowledge to be a better person ñ the person that I am now. I owe my success to God. I may not be successful in awards or money, but I am successful because I followed the ideals of CFCA: help children fulfill their dreams and touch their lives.

Joey and his fourth grade classI decided to be a teacher because I believe I have something to contribute to a childís development. Despite my disability, I can be a role model. I think is a powerful way of teaching, always being the person your students may want to be.

Interacting with students with a variety of personalities is what I considered most challenging. They each have different backgrounds, orientations, attitudes and behaviors. It would depend on the teacher how to blend and complement these mixtures of individualities. This is the challenge that I face everyday.

Being a good teacher means being faithful to the memory of all the good teachers who have motivated me and pushed my life boat within the oceans of life, through its waves and storms, even when it occasionally got stuck in the sand of a shore.

Today, thinking and remembering all of them makes me feel the great responsibility I shoulder to be like them and to become better, because I want my students to see me as a role model in the future.

I am the committee chair on education of the Scholars Alumni Association in the CFCA Quezon project. I have committed myself to creating a worldwide community of compassion. I will do my share in the voluntary work through tutorial sessions, teaching and talent development; become a role model to the younger generations; protect the rights of children, youth and elderly; help generate jobs for future CFCA graduates; share my expertise; and advocate for the mission and vision of CFCA. This is my expression of gratitude to the CFCA movement that changed my life.

To those who aspire to follow the path that many like me have walked, each has to have the heart of a child ñ kind, loving and joyful. This, perhaps, would lead you in your destined profession and vocation ñ TEACHING!

*Editorís note: as part of the scholarship requirements, scholars perform service projects that benefit CFCA families, or their local community.

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  1. thank u sir joey for your wonderful story that everyone was touched i wish also that someone could help me in achieving my passion ,because i want also to be a model that molds young minds and show to the world that our profession is not an easy task and responsibil y because it is n our hand the future they would have

  2. i was touched to your aspiring story that even you are a disabled but u still attain your goals in life, now that i walked as what u walked ,i also strive hard to reach my dreams

  3. Thank you Joey for the wonderful work you do – and for your committment to spread the mission and vision of CFCA.

    I have sponsored one Filipina girl for five years through CFCA and am about to finally write to her through CFCA. I have increased my sponsorship to her the last couple of years – and may add one more sponsored child in the future.

    May God continue to bless you.

    Steve C. Luth

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