Feb 18 2010

Olga’s walk

By Dani Pollock, who is currently volunteering with CFCA in Honduras.

I arrived back in Honduras on Jan. 16, 2010, just in time to join up with the Santa Rosa project’s portion of Walk2gether. After volunteering with the Santa Rosa project for 10 months, I was reassigned to Hermano Pedro project in Guatemala in June for six months because of the political crisis that had erupted in Honduras. Thankfully, everything went smoothly with the elections, and I was able to return to Honduras.

OlgaI was greeted by the familiar faces of the Santa Rosa staff, members of the Guatemalan staff and many sponsored individuals and their families. One woman in particular stuck out to me, Olga. I have known Olga since I began volunteering in September 2008. Olga has been a part of the CFCA family for seven years and has three children who are sponsored. I came to know Olga because she was always in the office sweeping, washing dishes, making coffee: she wanted to do whatever she could to show her gratitude to CFCA.

I talked to Olga while we were walking, and I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time chatting with her after my long absence. The participating walkers from the CFCA communities were walking a maximum of 10 kilometers, so I was surprised when Olga continued walking after the others had stopped. Yet, the next day, and the next, and everyday throughout the week, Olga was walking with us.

OlgaAs the days passed, it became very clear how important this walk was to Olga. She began suffering greatly from the varicose veins in her legs. The veins became very swollen, and there was concern of them rupturing. However, Olga kept walking, limping along and overcoming her pain. Even when we were finally able to convince her to ride in the support vehicle for a bit, she would not stay in the car for more than 10 or 15 minutes. When I had the opportunity to ask her why she didnít want ride, she shared with me that this walk was something she was doing as an offering for her children’s sponsors, whom she has never met.

The walk was something she wanted to do to thank the sponsors who have helped change her family’s life. Olga said that without CFCA and the sponsors, her children would be unable to go to school. She and her husband simply do not make enough money to pay for their children’s educational expenses. Olga herself did not have the chance to attend school because of similar circumstances. For this reason, Olga realizes the great opportunity her children have been given through CFCA to help them move forward in life.

Olga says, ìWalk2gether is a walk of love.î It is not only a walk showing the love Bob Hentzen and CFCA have for the people being served in these countries Ö it is also a walk that sends its love all the way to the sponsors, wherever they may be.

The sponsored members and their families are walking to support Bob and to show their thanks and love to CFCA and their sponsors. Those who participate in the walk are saying CFCA has made a difference in their lives, and they will walk in the hot or cold, up mountains, with blisters and even painful varicose veins as their way of saying, “Thanks for your help” and, “I love you.” Just as Olga has shown us.

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  1. This was a very touching story of Olga. I have met my sponsor children and their families and I hope someday Olga’s sponsors will be blessed in meeting her and her children. The mothers of these children are so special, you become part of their family and feel so much love coming from them.

  2. What a gift to all that read this story. Even though my sponsored children are in El Salvador and Bolivia I felt like Olga was thanking me. She and her family and all who are walking are in my prayers.

  3. Wow Dani ,what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Let Olga know I will keep her and her family in my prayers. God Bless and take care.

  4. There are many people that sacrifice to give to others. Olga did her best to show her appreciation to CFCA for what she and her family has received. You too, Dani, have sacrificed so much by joining CFCA as a volunteer over 15 months ago. CFCA and the girl’s orphanage in Santa Rosa has trully been blessed by your presence. Thank you for your devotion to others. You are an inspiration to all of us back at St Michael’s.

  5. Dani, you are such a blessing to CFCA. I’m glad you were able to get to know this wonderful mother. She is an inspiration to all of us who are trying to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s gratifying to hear such a personal story. It reinforces the power of love with the marginalized of this world. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Peace and Blessings. Jim Mc

  6. What a beautiful sentiment. Dani, thanks for writing and thank you for all you do for CFCA as a volunteer. I know Mary Beth and Breana really appreciated all YOUR hard work. God Bless

  7. Hi Dani,

    This is Veron form the Philippines. We are now here in Nicaragua still walking. Thanks a lot for the beautiful note about the walk and for telling the story of the heroic mother Olga. Yes she really walked with us no matter what and how painful it is (walking) and I would say a mother will do anything and everything for her children and for the people who are helping them (their sponsors). Thank you CFCA for this blog. God bless everyone!

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