Jan 13 2010

Praying for Haiti

Our hearts are heavy as we think about the millions of people affected by the earthquake that shook Haiti yesterday.

Please join us as we pray for all those impacted by this terrible natural disaster.†

We’re thankful that CFCA communities in Haiti did not suffer physical injuries or damage. To learn more about the impact on CFCA projects in the area, please read the news story on the CFCA website.

0 thoughts on “Praying for Haiti”

  1. At Cana Mary, the mother of Jesus anticipated the needs of the wedding couple and said to Jesus, “They have no wine.” Then she turned to the servants and said, “Do whatever he tells you,” trusting that whatever Jesus did do would be the right thing. Her faith was not disappointed. May the faith of the Haitian people draw many signs of divine providence in response to their tragedy so that they will see Christ in their midst and their grief will turn into gratitude.

  2. So many needs; like Jesus said, “The poor you have always with you.” I have to concentrate on doing what I can do, and do that. The whole world is not my vineyard; just my four sponsored children and the people at my appeals. I pray always that I can paint a picture of what I see and what we can do with their help.

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