Jan 27 2010

Greetings from the roads of Honduras

Dear friends, greetings from the roads of Honduras in Central America.

The Honduran mountains make for a difficult trek.Walk2gether continues and, step by step, we are overcoming the mountains of Santa Barbara and La Esperanza, walking at an altitude of approximately 9,000 feet above sea level.

Some of the walkers have begun to experience the wear and tear from their efforts, such as blisters and chapped lips; however, their spirit continues, strong and unbreakable.

On Jan. 24, we arrived at the area of La Paz. Because the difficulty of the altitude, mountainous terrain and roads limited our progress, we were unable to cover the full 40 kilometers planned per day. So during our rest day, on Jan. 25, we had to go back and cover the 16 unwalked kilometers accumulated from the prior days.

That very same day we decided to suspend Walk2gether for two days, returning to the road on Jan. 28. The reason for this is that the new president of Honduras will be inaugurated on Jan. 27, and many demonstrations are planned for that day. This is a risky situation for us, as any type of demonstration is viewed as political. The local authorities are mobilizing military troops and police to the same roads where we are walking to prevent protesters from entering Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

One little story during our walk: a few days ago, Bob fell while walking on a dirt road. I can report that he suffered no injuries whatsoever. On the contrary, he proved to be in great physical condition, and, at the same time, we discovered that Walk2gether will continue either walking, jogging, running or rolling down the road.

My best to all,

Manuel Pineda
CFCA Santa Barbara Project Coordinator

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  1. Hola: muy buenas noches Don Roberto y doÒa Cristi, es un gusto saludarles y desearles todo tipo de bendiciones en su trayecto por Colombia, yo soy Mildred la Coordiandora Regional de Occidente en Guatemala….Les envio muchos saludos y espero poder acompaÒarlos proximamente. saludos tambien a mi compaÒera de equipo de RegiÛn SeÒo Ody.


  2. I cried when I looked at the video of you entering Honduras. You see, that is where (Ocotepeque) my little Geovanna lives. I wore the Walk2gether sticker today, and am writing to let her know that I put nher name and country on it. Thank you for all you are doing, and for allowing me to be a small part of it! God bless you! I’m praying for ypu and all those you meet on your walk.

  3. Bob and Christina and all on the walk,

    Prayers for you! And greetings to Dona Evangelina and her grandson Douglas in San Andres de Ocotepeque and to Luis y Miriam and all at the office in Ocotepeque and the community of Casa Hogar. Love and prayers again, Art Kirwin

  4. Hi Bob and all the walkers with you, I sponsor a girl, Guadalupe, in Nicaragua. I am with you in prayer all the way!! God Bless!

  5. Hi Bob. You really inspire me! I wish I were in the kind of shape that you must be in, to walk that far every day. Better yet, to have the kind of “heart” that you must have to want such solidarity with the poor. But, I’m getting there … slowly but surely. Having met you on prior mission trips, I know that you walk the talk (no pun intended), and I thoroughly enjoy listening to the wisdom that you share. It is such a gift, as are you. I hope to walk with you in Bogota (June). This time I will be bringing my two daughters to share the experience. God Bless You … and hang in there!

  6. Greetings from Culver, Indiana. We are a very small town in Northern Indiana. We are having a carnation sale to support CFCA on Feb 13. We have ordered 150 carnations.
    We are getting word out to people about CFCA.
    We support Jarling, in Nicaragua! We check your progress everyday! God Bless you All. The Nowalks

  7. Glad Bob didn’t injure himself. My sponsored 12 year old, Ludwin, is in the Santa Barabara project so I am especially excited about you all being with Mr. Pineda & traveling to the project.
    God bless & safe journey.

  8. Hola Bob y Cristina. I have been checking the website every day, eagerly watching for updates and videos. How I wish I could be walking with you. What you are doing seems so much more important than the meager work that I am doing. I am praying for you and telling everyone about your walk. At times I am disheartened by people who don’t grasp the emencity of your endeavor. But, then I think that it is not a publicity stunt; it is a humbling experience. The people walking with you physically, and spiritually, are being united with the peoples of these countries in a way that media coverage cannot convey. God bless, stay well and stay safe.


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