Jan 8 2010

Donít forget your sticker!

If youíve read the most recent Sacred Ground (our bi-annual magazine for all friends of CFCA), or looked around the Walk2gether website, youíve heard about Sticker Sundays. But, just in case you havenít, letís re-cap:

On the second Sunday of each month, we encourage our sponsors to wear their Walk2gether sticker, found in the Fall 2009 edition of Sacred Ground. When people ask what the sticker represents, tell them about your sponsored friend and how you are “walking” with your friend through your sponsorship.

This is a great way that we can support the Walk2gether team, and find sponsors for the 789 children, youth and elderly waiting for sponsorship in El Salvador (where Bob is walking this week).

So, this Sunday, put on your sticker and watch for other CFCA supporters wherever you go. You may be able to make a new CFCA friend, and find a sponsor for a waiting child, all at the same time!

Your friends can sponsor through CFCA on our website, or by calling Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564.

If you would like Walk2gether stickers, please call Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564.

Upcoming Sticker Sundays
March 13, 2010
April 10, 2010

0 thoughts on “Donít forget your sticker!”

  1. What an act4 of love.
    We are praying for you every day as you go on this journey.
    We are journeying right along with you.
    Stay Strong.
    Love, Pat

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