Dec 31 2009

Simple training regimen prepares Hentzen for walk

Bob's simple training will prepare him for the 8,000-mile walk from Guatemala to ChileHow does one train to walk 8,000 miles?????

Interval workouts?†Altitude training? Squats, lunges and sprints?????

None of the above for CFCA President Bob Hentzen, who plans to walk 20-25 miles a day for 16 months.

Consistency and perseverance are more important than sudden high-intensity, high-repetition workouts.

“My style and training is to calmly and tranquilly be prepared,” Hentzen said. “It’s kind of like in school. You can’t just cram for a test. You’ve got to be studying all along.”????

For years, Hentzen has risen early every day to jog or walk, do Tai Chi and stretch. His weight training consists of exercising with the same weight he will carry on the road – about 10 to 15 pounds.????

Hentzen is familiar with the physical demands he will face. He walked 4,000 miles from Kansas City to Guatemala in 1996. That was 13 years ago, when he was 60. Though this walk is twice the distance, Hentzen isn’t daunted.????

“I feel very good, very energized by the solidarity of the staff and CFCA families,” he said.?

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  1. Felt blessed to encounter Bob, Christina, Luis, Miriam, Juan Ramon and the other walkers in Santa Rosa, Honduras on January 16th. A nice surprise as we drove to Ocotepeque to visit our Goddaughter there as we did not know this would coincide with our trip there.
    The sight of them walking this difficult mountain highway brought tears to my eyes! May God bless you and keep all of you safe. Aubrey and I are so proud to be involved with CFCA.

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