Dec 23 2009

Preparing for the Mayon volcano eruption

As you may have read on our Web site, it is likely that the Mayon volcano in the Philippines will erupt very soon. This endangers many CFCA sponsored families, but the CFCA projects in the area have been preparing for this type of disaster long before it became a reality.

Chris Palmer, CFCA project specialist, was in the Philippines last month. While there, he attended a disaster preparedness seminar for sponsored families devoted to this very threat – volcano eruption.

The following are his photos and experiences from the training:

Provincial agencies team up with aid agencies to conduct seminars on how to prepare for disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The presenter used Google Earth to show the mothers and fathers the different areas that could be affected by volcanic eruptions.

Mothers and fathers from a CFCA project in the Philippines learn about disaster preparedness.

A photo of the Mayon volcano from Legazpi City (taken near the 8 KM danger zone).

Close-up of the Mayon Volcano (taken from the airport in Legazpi City). You can clearly see smoke being emitted from the crater at the top of the volcano.

The CFCA Legazpi project has been organizing and conducting these types of disaster preparedness seminars in many of the subprojects around the city and in the province of Albay as a way to be proactive in an area of the world where natural disasters are unfortunately common place.

Read more about how CFCA is helping these families prepare on the CFCA Web site.

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