0 thoughts on “What does CFCA’s logo represent?”

  1. Thanks! I never gave much thought to the logo, but this is a beautiful explanation and I will look at it with much more appreciation in the future.

  2. All along i hadn’t thought about the deep meaning of the different colours of CFCA but now that i know, i really appreciate the person who was creative enough to come up with it

  3. ..tnx to CFCa…i am an sponsored child here in the Philippines..the foundation helps me a lot…i had’nt thought that the logo has the deep meaning…now i know it’s meaning..iloveCFCA!!!

  4. I’ve been searching for answers in my mind ab0ut the organizati0n that has been helping me for alm0st 14 years n0w.. I’m a sp0ns0red y0uth here in the Philippines.

    I have kn0wn the logo but I have n0t th0ught that even the colors have a deep meanings. Kn0wing this informations makes me m0re pr0ud of being a sp0ns0red youth of CFCA and I’d like to share this informati0n to the sp0nsored children and youth here in our community.

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