Nov 18 2009

Remember and give thanks

By Scott Wasserman, chief governing officer, CFCA Governing Board

On Monday, Nov. 16, the church commemorated the 1989 martyrdom in El Salvador. It marks the 20th anniversary of the deaths of 16-year-old Celina, Elba, who is her mother and the Jesuits' cook, and six members of the Jesuit community at the University of Central America, including the universityís president, Ignacio EllacurÌa.

Most reports list the martyrs in the other order: with the Jesuit priests first, then Elba and then Celina. The assassins are presumed to have murdered the girl and her mother as an afterthought, simply because they were found in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Here at CFCA, we promote the prominence of Celina and Elba. Like many CFCA families living in poverty, they struggled for dignity and peace against great odds. We also celebrate the six Jesuits who, like our sponsors, reached across the divide to give hope to this family. Through their shared martyrdom with the teen and her mom, the Jesuits gave hope to all families living in poverty. Presente!

We remember and give thanks for:
Celina and Elba Ramos
Segundo Montes
Ignacio Martin Baro
Juan Ramon Moreno
Amando Lopez
Joaquin Lopez y Lopez
Ignacio Ellacuria

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0 thoughts on “Remember and give thanks”

  1. thank you for rememring. may their heroism and fatth never be forgotten. finally the gov. of el salvador has made a statement of atonement.

  2. Scott, thank you very much for such a wonderful introduction to the beautiful life of Celina and Elba, both humble women who were dignified by the love and care offered to them by Segundo, Ignacio, Juan RamÛn, Amando, Joaquin and Ignacio. Elba and Celina are examples of the families in need of hope, working heroically to provide for their families even under times of extreme danger.
    Our sponsors offer the same love and care for their sponsored families, who struggle against great odds and yet, are full of potential waiting to be unlocked.
    Thank you very much for keeping in our souls and hearts the beauty in the humble life of Elba and Celina, who 20 years ago, just like women today, were trying to build a better future for their own families, eventhough this meant offering their own lives.

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