Oct 15 2009

World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day. We thought it would be fun to celebrate this day with some poems from CFCA staff members and Marlon, a 15-year-old young man served by the Managua project in Nicaragua. Enjoy!

La esperanza y el amor
Por Marlon

En todo el mundo
Las personas se
Deben tener entre
SÌ un amor profundo

En su corazÛn siempre
Debe existir la ilusiÛn
Y la esperanza de vivir
Un nuevo Amanecer

En la vida para crear
Un mundo mejor, todos
Debemos tener amor

Un mundo donde dÌa a dÌa
Se respire el aire de la
Felicidad y la armonÌa

Si todos practicamos
Los buenos valores
…ste mundo crecer·,
Como crecen los grandes
Amores, como florecen
Las bellas flores.

Hope and love (translated into English)
By Marlon

In all the world
The people
Ought to have between them
A deep profound love

In your heart always
Should exist the dream
And the hope of living
A new dawn

In life in order to create
A better world, all of us
Need to have love

A world where day after day
You breath the air of
Happiness and harmony

If we practice
Good values
This world will grow
As the greatest love grows
As the beautiful flowers blossom.

Sponsorship Haikus
By Sheila Myers, Communications Department

Mission Awareness Trip
Getting off the bus
I look for you in the crowd.
Our eyes meet. Smiles. Hugs.

Your letter arrives,
Telling me of the mudslide.
I send you a prayer.

The Letter By Larry Livingston, U.S. Outreach Department

Today the mailman brought to me a gift as good as gold.
A letter from my sponsored friend, a wonder to behold.
Her hopes and dreams she shares with me, and what is this surprise?
A brand new picture! Grace and joy are captured in those eyes.

I never thought Iíd care so much for one Iíve never met,
Or that in giving I would come to owe a happy debt.
I thought myself quite blessed, and so it seemed to me quite odd
When a child that lived in poverty revealed the face of God.

A CFCA Limerick By Larry Livingston

If Godís love is always in fashion,
Acts of kindness are nothing to ration.
So what do you say?
Join CFCA,
And help us build a world of compassion!

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  1. Nice poetry there. I didn’t know that there is something like poetry day, but good to know. I like limericks a lot, and that one gave me some long awaited joy. I wish I could speak Spanish to fully understand the first letter – the translation always miss something, well it’s just different, but I like English version also. Thanks for those poems.

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